09 Most Popular Offline Games For Your Android Device

We count the value of a smartphone only when we have a working Internet Connection or a free WIFi on our phone as most of the apps work only when we are connected to some kind of network. Forget the social media apps, the games downloaded on our smartphones also works on having some kind of data connectivity but what if we tell you that there are some games for iPhone and Android that can be played even in an offline mode. Yes, you heard it right !!! We are going to discuss 09 of the most popular offline games on android.

Most Popular Offline Games For Android

Though there are a number of games available, we have taken into account games of different categories like quiz games, motion games, racing games, building construction games, puzzle games, and even horror games. The games mentioned are full of thrill and are going to provide you entertainment for sure. Thus, we have games listed for all the types of game lovers. All you have to do is read the complete article and then download and play your favorite game. So our list includes:-

1. Alto’s Odyssey

This game is one of the most popular offline game that requires no WiFi and data network to play it. This is a running game basically where you get to perform various actions like jumping, scrolling down, performing flips, etc. In this game, you have to collect coins within to unlock customization elements and to update your graphics in a more vibrant and colorful way.

When you play this game, the player or you can say the character moves, all you have to do is control the motions like jumping, performing flips downwards or upwards, cross various slopes, etc. The coins you will earn in this game will not fetch you any real money, they can only be used to upgrade or customize the new looks and graphics within the game. The game has various ads running in between, you can skip them with the collection of coins you have.

2. Crossy Road

This game can be played offline and online also. In this game, all you have to do is guide a chicken of how to cross a road, a path, a stream, and how to overcome various other obstacles. It is a fun-loving and relaxing game and has a collection of different 150 characters that will keep your interest aroused in this game, as it is always fun to play a game with different characters or having a curiosity to unlock the one. The game also offers online multiplayer mode when you are playing online and Android TV support, and more. This is a family-friendly game that is free to download and free to play even without costing your precious data network.

3. Eternium

This game is one of the most successful role-playing games available on Google Play Store and it can be played for free even without costing an MB of data network i.e. it can be played offline. The only requirement for that is you have downloaded all the latest and updated stuff once the update is available otherwise the game may not function well and certainly not perform some major functions. In this game, you have to run around, kill bad guys, explore various ruins and dungeons. You will get a storyline and you have tons of loot to collect, and plenty of stuff to do. If you are an action game lover, then you must give this game a try as it is one of the most successful and loved RPG’s games available on mobile.

4. Friday the 13th

The smartphone users who are looking for some different stuff should download this game as it is a horror puzzle game available in offline mode. While playing the game, you will be characterized as Jason Vorhees. All you have to do is slaughter people across different levels which are 100 in number. While slaughtering you have to avoid the cops, traps, land mines, and, strangely enough, rotary telephones, etc. This game is strictly not advisable to kids as it has some disturbing graphics with some horror and gore elements but it is definitely a fun arcade game available for all puzzle and horror stuff lovers.

5. GRID Autosport –

As the name itself indicates, it is a new racing game having offline support. GRID Autosport is a full port of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version with all of the DLC included. In addition to this, you have full controller support, numerous content to unlock, and various races to play and compete through. The game offers average gameplay with numerous collection of race types and stunning graphics. It is one of the few racing games that are available on mobile phones with full controller support and offline support. The game can be bought for a price of $9.99 from the Google play store.

6. Kingdom Rush Vengeance

This game was launched in 2018 and since then it is an exceptionally well tower defense game. The basic version of this game can be bought for $4.99 and it is a challenging game. This game is the latest in the popular Kingdom Rush series and the game has a total of 16 stages, 50 achievements, 30 upgrades, 35 bad guys, and a bunch of towers. Now you must be thinking what is this bad guy phrase relates to!! So let me tell you, in this game all you have to do is set up towers and heroes along a path to defeat all of the bad guys. The game does not offer any real money once your stage gets completed or you achieve something plus it also does not support online multiplayer mode.

7. NBA Jam

This game is for all the sports enthusiasts who love to play sports even on their smartphones. This is a basketball game basically having two teams, and as obvious the team with more points in last is declared as the winner. the rules for this game are more relaxed and the graphics are not even that good. The game is good for the mobile experience and offers Android TV support along with support for hardware controllers. It can be played offline and online in multiplayer mode with full controller support. You can get this game for $4.99.

8. Pocket City

Pocket City is a city-building game and it resembles more with Sim City. Under this game, you will get a chance to build various content like roads, buildings, mansions, and everything that a city needs it may be a park, a gym, a restaurant, etc. The players will have to deal with the good and bad things simultaneously like there may be a party someday or a massive fire breakout on the other day. You have to maintain a balance between the same to earn coins and unlock new building projects for constructing roads, buildings, and even to unlock more land. The game can be downloaded and played for free but only for the basic version. If you wish to unlock the pro version, then you have to make a purchase of $3.99 that will add more features, a sandbox mode, and it will also remove advertising. In short, it is the best offline building game available for smartphones.

9. Quizoid

Quizoid is one of the best offline quiz games available for quiz fans. The game is just like other quiz games, you will get several questions and you have to pick the correct answer from the various options available. Right now, the game has a collection of 7000 questions, the developers are working on the same to add more questions to it. The game has over a dozen categories, three game modes, and various in-game hints available to help you choose the right answer. If you buy the pro version of this game, then you will get 3000 questions extra and some other perks.


We have mentioned racing games, quiz games, motions games, building games, puzzle games, and games related to each category. You should download the one you feel like playing and don’t forget all these games mentioned above can be played even without having an internet connection.

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