10 Best Cooling Apps For Android To Prevent Overheating

Who does not love scrolling through social media on a smartphone? We use our phones daily for several hours at a stretch. Although sometimes it may be a need, long-hour usage is not good for our phones as it reduces the phone and battery life due to overheating. Phone heating is also harmful to users. The users can avoid overheating the phone by reducing usage time but it becomes very difficult to do so in a digital era as we need our phone for work as well as personal use. We have a trick that you can use to avoid overheating and cool down the phone in case of overheating.

Best Cooling Apps For Android To Prevent Overheating

We have a list of colling apps that you can install on your android device and solve the problem of overheating. These apps will also warn you if the phone gets overheated.

So here goes the list:

  1. Cooling Master-Phone Cooler
  2. EaseUS Cool phone
  3. Cooler Master – Clean Booster
  4. Battery Doctor- Battery Cooler
  5. All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner, Booster, App Manager
  6. Smart Cooler
  7. DU Battery Saver
  8. Super Phone Cooler
  9. Finally Clean: Booster, CPU Cooler
  10. Cooler Master – CPU Cooler

We have all the details about the above-listed apps that you can read and choose the one that will be perfect for your smartphone.

1. Cooling Master-Phone Cooler

This one is among the best apps. Cooling Master-Phone Cooler is offered by PICOO Design. The app keeps informing you of the phone temperature on a real-time basis. As you are notified when your phone is getting heated, you can make sure to cool it down or not use it for some time. The app will not only notify you of overheating but will also make sure that the apps that are not in use and are using much of the battery and CPU are closed to offload some pressure from the phone. This will eventually help in cooling down the phone.

The app has a number of personalization settings as well. So if you do not want to close some apps even in the case of heating, you can simply modify it in the settings.

What you will be astonished at is that it is available free of cost for the users. The app has been downloaded more than 10 Million Times on the play store and has a rating of 4.5. It will just take 6.7 MB of your phone storage.

2. EaseUS Cool phone

EaseUS Cool phone is offered by EaseUS as a free tool to cool down your smartphone. The one thing you will admire is that being a free tool it does not even display ads. It is being considered as the best cool app.

The app will help you cool down your smartphone on overheating as it will give you a warning message. It will shut down all the apps working in the background and not in use. The tool is quite simple and has a basic interface.

In one tap, you will be able to fix the heating issue as it will close all the background apps. This tool can also be customized and used as a battery saver. Battery saving mode can be applied through this mode which will automate the process of cooling down your phone and improve battery life and performance.

This app is just 6.2 MB worth of space and has been downloaded by more than 10 lac users from the play store who have rated it 4.3 stars out of 5. The app can be downloaded on any android device using version 4.0 and above.

3. Cooler Master – Clean Booster

Cooler Master – Clean Booster is a fantastic tool for cooling down your phone in case of overheating. The app is considered as a get to go tool as it will let you cool down your phone in just a click.

You will be notified in case the phone gets heated and you will be asked to cool down your phone. The tool will also work as a junk cleaner to delete junk files and data from your phone. The cooler Master app will also clean junk files from RAM and phone storage and will reduce the load from the CPU. It will ultimately lead to better battery and CPU performance.

There are a few points that will explain why you should use this app:

  1. The app has a wonderful average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars.
  2. It is available free of cost and you do not have to pay.
  3. It has more than half a million downloads.
  4. The app needs a very nominal space of 3.5 MB.
  5. It is ad-free.

4. Battery Doctor- Battery Cooler

Battery Doctor- Battery Cooler is an app that is exactly the same as its name. The app will act quite like a doctor; it will advise you what to do in order to escape being overheated. It will also make sure to keep providing you all the tips and ways that your phone can be healthy and the battery life can be improved.

Besides suggesting the ways to increase the battery life, it will also directly help in doing so as it will shut down the apps working in the background when not in use.

The app is quite a basic looking tool with a simple interface and advanced user experience. The one who loves to take care of their smartphones will surely keep this app installed on the phone.

The tool will itself switch off the functions that are not used for a certain time like Bluetooth and WiFi. The app also has a feature to automatically adjust the brightness upon reaching a set battery level.

Following are some of the details you must know before downloading the application:

  1. The app needs a nominal storage space of 15 MB.
  2. It has been downloaded a massive number of times i.e 10 crores.
  3. It requires the device to be based on the Android 4.0 version.
  4. The app is available free of cost.

5. All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner, Booster, App Manager

This app is a total pack of some of the utilities that your smartphone direly needs in order to function properly. This will not only cool down your overheated smartphone but will also boost its performance.

The app will also work as an app lock tool. The users can clean junk files from their phone storage through this tool. File Manager and Speed booster are added features that will tempt you to use this app for sure.

The app will not only cool down the battery but by using this it will also cool down the CPU by closing the apps which are leading to overheating and extra load on the CPU.

These are some points to help you get to know more about this tool:

  1. The app has been downloaded by over 10 Million users from all over the world.
  2. The app has a rating of 4.7 on the Google play store.
  3. The users do not have to pay a single penny for using this application.
  4. The app is compatible only with an Android Version of 4.1 or above only.
  5. The app requires nominal storage space on your smartphone varying from device to device.

6. Smart Cooler

Smart Cooler app is another wonderful tool to cool down your phone. This application will track the CPU usage and monitor the temperature of the device. It will notify you in case of overheating. One single click will cool down the phone. The app will also instruct you on how to cool down your phone.

It will pick out such apps that use most of the CPU and the battery on your phone so you can adjust the usage of the app or replace it with any better alternative.

The app has a very simple user interface and the users will surely love it giving that it is an app with a simple look and wonderful features.

We are sure that upon using the app it will make you say WOW. So we have added some main points related to this tool:

  1. Minimal storage space of 15 MB is sufficient to download and install this application.
  2. The app is loved and used by more than one crore users worldwide.
  3. The app has a rating of 4.6 on the play store.
  4. This tool is free of cost for all the users on the android devices.
  5. An android version of 4.0 or above is required to download and use this application.

7. DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is one of the most loved tools in the battery cooler apps list. It will help improve battery performance and extend battery life and also provide additional tips on how to achieve the feat.

It will also clean your junk files suggesting the junk ones or you can delete some manually also as you want. One can also get instructions in the application to be followed by the users to follow.

It will also present real-time data on which apps are consuming battery and CPU space.

Along with all the above ways to increase the battery performance, the app can also adjust the phone brightness incase of lower battery levels.

Wifi and Bluetooth will also be turned off by this app if the phone is lying idle for a long time.

8. Super Phone Cooler

Super Phone Cooler is indeed a super cooling app for your android device. And you will get to know the reason why in the following discussion. The app keeps a track of the phone temperature and the time it gets a signal that the phone is getting overheated, it notifies us.

It also force stops the app causing the heating if need be.

The app will provide you with real-time data about the phone temperature and the apps which are causing it and to what extent. The data will be shown in a graphical manner and numbers as well.

You will absolutely love what we are going to tell you next; the app will also work as smart charging app as it will stop charging your phone once it gets fully charged.

Following are some points you must know to get an idea of the popularity of this app:

  1. The app has a rating of 4.7 on Google Playstore.
  2. It requires an android version of at least 4.0 or above.
  3. The application can be downloaded and installed on the phone without paying a penny.
  4. The application will need a storage space of 5.3 MB only.

Now we hope that you people know everything about this wonderful app so its time to download and give it a try.

9. Finally Clean: Booster, CPU Cooler

Finally Clean app is a dual utility application that will not only cool down your battery but will also cool down your CPU. The app is power-packed with a number of useful features that you will love.

The dashboard of the application will provide you the data regarding the temperature of the device and the contribution of each application causing this.

Besides the data regarding the temperature, the application will also make sure that you have the data regarding the CPU. One can optimize the CPU performance by adjusting the applications that are using most of the CPU.

The app will also help you clean junk files from your device. One can also browse through the files through its own file browser.

The following are some of the pin-points regarding this app:

  1. The app has a userbase of more than 5,00,000 users.
  2. It is been rated very good 4.8 stars on the play store.
  3. The app will not charge you for its services.
  4. The storage space of 5.8 MB is required for the application on your device.
  5. The Android version must be 4.0.3 or above.

We have done our duty to inform you about this amazing tool perfectly so now it is your turn to use the app to share your experience with others.

10. Cooler Master – CPU Cooler

This application is quite a simple tool with wonderful usage. The app gives real-time data regarding the temperature of the device. It also provides battery status on the dashboard. The RAM available unutilized on the app is also shown in the dashboard on a real-time basis.

We can get all the data regarding which apps are using what amount of battery and RAM space. The users can close and remove the apps which are using a high amount of battery and RAM space according to their usage needs. The high battery and RAM using apps can be closed manually as per the requirement or the user can also close all such applications in one go.

We have some of the details regarding this application which will help you know more about the application:

  1. The app has been downloaded more than 01 Million Times.
  2. The app bores a beautiful 4.6 stars rating on the Google Play Store.
  3. The users can experience the application benefits without paying anything.
  4. Nominal storage space of 9.7 MB is to be kept reserved for this application.
  5. The users must have an Android version of 4.0.3 or Higher.

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Overheating and Cool Down the phone naturally:

  1. One can confirm which apps use the most of your phone’s battery so you can stop background usage of those apps which will use less battery and will not lead to overheating frequently.
  2. Keep your phone away from hot surfaces and keep in cooler places when not in use.
  3. Don’t use the phone for long and avoid playing games all day.
  4. Make sure not to use the charger of other phones.
  5. Data must be switched off when not in use.
  6. Close the apps when the phone is not in use.


We can now summarize that it is always advisable to keep your phone cool just like you keep yourself. An overheated phone is harmful to the user and the phone itself. Using any of these applications you will manage to increase the life of your phone and the battery.

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