How to Fix Adblock Not Working On Twitch?

Twitch is a stage for live video real-time, offering almost anything you’d need to watch, from cooking, music, Q&A meetings, and the main driver of traffic computer games. It initially began as a side project division of, with gaming as the principle need. Twitch turned out to be so mainstream, it prompted a whole rebrand of, which changed its name to Twitch Interactive in 2014. At that point, soon thereafter, Twitch Interactive was obtained by Amazon.

Sometimes when you stream your favorite show on Twitch, you see some ads popping up. This means that Adblocker is not working on your Twitch properly. An Ad Blocker is a product that channels substance and square ads on a site page. These work as either independent projects or tweaked administrations or expansions in an internet browser or a working framework. The product targets promotions like pop-ups, pennant advertisements, clingy promotions, interstitial advertisements, or auto-playing recordings to permit clients to surf the web without interruptions or breaks they would say.

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How to Resolve Adblock Not Working On Twitch?

It’s quite a frustrating and irritating thing to see add popping up while you are watching shows on Twitch. If you too face the error, you can fix it on your own. Below we’re sharing the solutions that you will use to fix Adblock not working on Twitch.

Fix 1: Make Sure Your Adblock Extension Is Updated

Nowadays technology is getting upgraded day by day. So in such a techy world, we have to keep our software and systems updated. So you have to make sure that all your browser extensions are always updated. In case your Adblock extension is not updated, it will not work on the Twitch streaming service. Therefore if you see that your Adblock extension is not working on Twitch, you have to check if it’s updated or not. If you find it’s not updated, you have to get it updated soon.

Fix 2: Make Some Advanced Settings in Chrome

Chrome takes a shot at an alternate network service that isn’t open to Adblocking augmentations. Causing this organization accessible will to take care of the issue. Ensure that you play out this activity at whatever point the Chrome is updated.

Fix 3: Use Filters

Each Adblock expansion accompanies filter lists. Filters rundown can be a white rundown, boycott and custom rundown. These rundowns can be included physically or can be alluded to online accessible records. We can add Twitch advertisements stream to the boycott of the augmentation and this option may tackle the issue.

Fix 5: Use HLS Adblock Extension

Ads are played on Twitch at whatever point a client begins streaming. These advertisements are set by the Twitch group into the HLS streams. Utilizing HLS Adblock augmentation fixes the procedure which Twitch utilizes and alters the m3u8 playlist that gets demand like clockwork to eliminate the portion which is set apart at advertisements. It will assist the client with obstructing promotions in Twitch.

Fix 6: Try Alternate Player

The extension Alternate Player for recently known as Twitch 5 strips most advertisements from live streams. The player’s settings can be tuned to your web association. It permits you to keep seeing the transmission in another player, for instance, Media Player Classic, VLC Media Player, or MX Player, and so on which makes it very valuable.


You can use these fixes to solve the issue of Adblock not working on Twitch. Using these fixes, you can solve the error on your own.

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