10 Best Age Progression Apps For Android & iPhone

We are living in the 21st century and the technological advancement has reached such a level that it has made everything possible we haven’t dream of. Have you ever thought that how would you look when you will be in your sixties or eighties? Will you resemble your mother or your grandmother?

To reveal your old age look, we have come up with the article in which we have mentioned some Best Age Progression apps that will reveal your old age look by applying filters on your face and greying your hair. These apps can be downloaded by both Android Android and IOS users. The results revealed can be saved in your gallery and also can be shared with your friends and family on social media like WhatsApp Facebook, etc.

These apps work to such a finishing level that it adds fine lines, wrinkles to your face, and makes your skin look loose. Let’s start detailing the features of each app:

Best Age Progression Apps

1. Face App

It is one of the coolest apps that reveals your old age look. It mysteriously transforms your selfies by its advanced portrait editing Technology. If you want to try that how would you look in the opposite gender then this app can fulfill your wish as it has gender swap and you can also add various filters that can change your hairstyle and color. You can also add tattoos to this app. If you buy the upgrade version of this app by paying a monthly or yearly subscription then you can apply makeup on your face and also can use full-size impression filters on your pics. It also changes your age and you can also replace the background with just a single tap.

2. Make Me Old

If you want to reveal your look that how would you look after 30 years then you should try this app. It makes your face old in just seconds. It has various stickers, position markers that instantly transform your young look to the old one. It has an inbuilt scanner that transforms your face after detecting it. You can also scan the faces of your family friends and celebrities to have fun and you can also share the results on social media.

3. Aging Booth

It is also another face aging app but it works well without an Internet connection. You can easily find your old age look by uploading your recent photo or by uploading the one from your phone gallery. It transforms your young look to the old one by using the Scanning app, and the results of it can also be shared on social media. If you want to see before and after look simultaneously, then you just need to check your phone. It also has the auto-cropping option and it saves the new results in your photo gallery. In it, you can mark the eyes mouth, and Chin after selecting an image. The application works like magic within the second. Thus, it is an entertainment app from which you can amuse your relative friends and make everyone look old

4. Oldify

We have another photo editing app in a list in which you can see fundamental changes on your face. All you have to do is take a selfie, and then this app will take a few seconds to convert your photo into old age one. You can see how you are going to look in 20, 40, 60, 80, or in 100 years. It also has a cough animation which you can apply on your selfie if your mouth is not opened or you don’t have a wild smile on your face. The app is free to use only for basic versions. If you want to avail upgraded features, then you have to buy the premium version. It also makes funny faces and even uses body gestures characteristics of older people.

5. Face Reading

This App is unique from others as it is a multi-functional face aging app. It not only depicts your old age look but it also forecasts your future by analyzing your face. When you upload your photo, your eyes, nose, forehead, face shape all are analyzed to prepare a detailed report about your career health, love, and wellness. You can select the option of different ages in which you want to look alike. The forecast done by this app is only for entertainment purpose, don’t take it seriously.

6. Hidden Me

Well, this is a very fun-loving and cool application. In it, you can find out your old age look, and you can also find out how would your Unborn child will look alike. How cool isn’t it? Well, this is only for fun purposes, and it’s just a game. It also offers you a gender-swapping option in which you can try your look at how would you look in the opposite gender. The app is simple to use and offers a convenient interface. You can have fun with your friends by surprising them with their old age photos.

7. Face Aging: Make Me Old 2019

If you have the curiosity to know that how would you look at the age of 60, 80,100, or even at 120 years then you must download this application free of cost and start using its cool features. It has a variety of face filters and stickers that add a new look to your picture. For example, you can add glasses, wrinkles, mustache, or beard on your face or on your friend’s face to have fun. It also turns your hair into Grey to complete your old age look. Thus, it is a very easy application to use that gives exciting results.

8. Aging Old Face Camera

This face aging app was back released in 2017 and since then it has gained much popularity due to Its easy user interface and it has a huge collection of face stickers which are almost 70 in number plus it also has 100 + funny mask and animal masks also that can be applied to your selfies or on your friend selfies to have some harmless fun with your pictures. It converts your photos into old one by taking a time of less than a minute. Thus, you can open this application whenever you are getting bored.

9. Fantastic Face

This is a multitasking app that depicts your old age look and your celebrity look and also the look of your future baby. It can be download by android users and it was designed by VIP TOP DATA LIMITED  and is one of the most popular face Scanning apps. It makes a professional report for your face by analyzing your facial features. It also tells your future look. You can also compare your look with famous celebrities and it will tell you to whom you look similar. It also depicts how would your baby look. The app has a lot of interesting features including the one of Palmistry. It also provides you the feature of daily face analysis and best for age prediction.

10. Old Age Face Effect

The name of this app itself indicates its purpose. It is made by BSE  to make your face look a decade older. By using it, you can know that how would you look at your mother or grandmother’s age. It also allows you to add some stickers including glasses and mustache to your face picture to complete your old age look. By using it, you can easily convert yourself into a grandfather on grandmother and can save the image on your phone and also can share it with your friends and family.


Try all of these apps or any of them for entertainment purposes and vanish your boredom. Have fun with your friends by sharing the old age look with each other and don’t forget to tell us the app that suits you best!!

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