How to Fix Apex Legends Mic Not Working?

Many users complain that while they use their apex legends, their PC mic doesn’t work properly. However, these mic works on other games and on Discord.

Why Is Mic Not Working In Apex Legends?

You may face various mic issues in apex legends but the common problem faced by many users is that the mic is not at all working in apex legends. Right below you will see what causes the mic not working in apex legends.

  • The microphone you are using might not add in windows settings as default. The apex players have a different mic as the default option. So all you have to do is see the sound settings and make the changes in the default input device.
  • There are chances that the voice activation feature is having some issue while you play apex legends with voice activation mode. You can easily solve the issue by making changes to voice activation mode. You should make sure that you take the action from both origin and apex legends.
  • It might be possible that the voice modular is making conflict with the apex legends. The only option you have to solve the issue is by uninstalling the voice application.
  • Maybe the port that you are using to plug in the mic is broken or not working for any reason. So you can try plugin the mic in some other port to solve the issue.
  • There are chances that the mic threshold is set to a low value that is not able to pick your voice. You can solve the issue by getting the origin voice setting menu and you have to increase the mic sensitivity level.

How to Fix Apex Legends Mic Not Working?

In cases you find the issue of apex legends mic is not working, you should resolve the issue on your own by trying the below fixes. Let’s have a look at the quick guide.

Set the Mic as Default in Windows Settings

Expert says that this is the best solution that you can use to solve the mic not working while playing apex legends.

Using your keyboard, you should press Win+R in order to open the Run box, and type ms-settings: sound, and then just tap on the OK option.

Now in the sound window, you have to scroll down and see the input section and just select your microphone if it’s not selected. You can also test the mic by speaking something. If it’s working properly then you can make sure that problem has been resolved.

Run the Recording Audio Troubleshooter

The next fix that you can use is running the audio troubleshooter.

  • First, just open the Run box and type ms-settings: troubleshoot and press the enter key on your keyboard.
  • Now scroll down and see the Recording audio option and tap on the option Run the troubleshooter.
  • This will somehow solve the issue that you are facing.

Microphone Privacy Settings

If you make some adjustments in microphone privacy settings, you can resolve the mic not working in the apex legends issue. All you need is to change some settings.

  • Open the settings interface on your system. And there you have to select a privacy option.
  • Now under the microphone tap, you have to enable the option to allow apps to access your microphone. Make sure you also allowed the origin app to access your mic.

Change in Voice Activation Settings

You can also solve the issue by making some important changes to Voice activation settings.

  • You have to open the origin and then open application settings.
  • From the more menu, you have to select the voice option, you have to select the microphone.
  • Now in the voice activation settings, you have to change the activation mode to push to talk.
  • You may see that the mic is now working properly.

Lower the Mic Threshold

If you see that the mic’s threshold is set too high, this might be creating the problem. You have to change the settings to lower.

  • Open application settings and tap on more.
  • Therefrom the options, select the voice option, and choose voice activation settings.
  • There you have to drag the microphone sensitivity slider to the right.

These were some useful solution that can help you fix apex legends mic not working issue. You can easily change various settings and solve the issue on your own.

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