09 Best Educational Apps for Kids

Online learning is the newest and most popular form of distance education today. Since the past few years, the trend of it has gone viral as various apps have come in the market that offers teaching lessons to your child and he can learn by sitting at his own place. All you need is a smartphone or a laptop and a good WiFi connection.

Best Educational Apps for Kids

Online teaching stimulates the learning process of your child as the child and the teacher are in direct communication and queries can be asked without any hesitation. There are also some apps that help your kid to learn the numbers, shapes, and alphabets by means of playing games.

In this article, we have mentioned the Apps that are best for your child’s learning and online teaching. Let us start detailing them:

1.  Photomath

Maths is considered as the toughest and boring subject by most of the kids. Learning is not an easy task as it has various simple and complicated problems to solve. But do you know that you can help your child in learning maths with the help of a smartphone? All you have to do is download this app from the Play Store. It has inbuilt features such as a camera calculator, handwriting recognition, step-by-step instructions, smart calculator, and graphs. Your child can also practice solving simple arithmetic problems by using this app. To solve a problem all you have to do is pointer camera towards the problem and you will get step by step instructions for solving it.

2. Brainly

The Homework App -A child should understand the subject by learning and gaining knowledge about it rather than just cramming some lines and figures. This app will help your child to understand various school subjects like science Mathematics social science English French and more. It works like a home tuition app. If you have any query or problem regarding a subject or you want to solve a mathematics problem then you have to click a photo of it and upload it on the application. You will get the results with step by step instructions. It connects you with a learning community that helps in a better understanding of the subjects.

3. Math tricks

Kids these days are very eager to wind up a task fastly by performing shortcuts be it about a study or about household chores. But do you know that learning shortcuts can sometimes prove helpful? We are talking about some mathematics tricks that will make the subject more easy and interesting and will arouse the interest of your child in the same. This app helps in learning various mathematics tricks that prove a way more helpful in doing long multiplication or in solving complex mathematics problems. You can download this app free of cost from the Play Store but the basic version of it contains some ads that can annoy you. If you want to use an ad-free version then you have to become a premium member by paying a monthly or yearly subscription.

4. Khan Academy

If you are looking for a home tutor but could not afford one then you can download this teaching app on your phone known as Khan Academy where you will get personalized lessons for every subject including math, science, economics, finance, marketing, Humanities, history and more. This learning app has more than 10000 videos and various discussion topics to outrage your knowledge. To test your knowledge you can also practice over 40,000 interactive common core aligned exercises which gives instead feedback and hints to various problems. You can also use this learning app even without an Internet connection all you need is to download the content when you are connected to some sort of network. You can also bookmark a video or and exercise and add it to your favorite your list category. The app allows easy browsing of your search topic by refresh navigation and searches function.

5. School Planner

This app can be used by students of all ages to organize their stuff in a single place and the app is free to use. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and this application should be in the mobile of every parent who wants to personally manage the activities and assignments of their child. Under this app, the students can easily write down their homework, assignment, exams, and also can set reminders for the different tests that are to be held weekly or monthly. The app gives you daily notifications and reminds you of anything that comes on your way. It has an inbuilt calendar that keeps your time table and daily schedule updated every day. It also allows you to record lectures and backup them on Google Drive so that they can be used in the future also overcome any query or doubt regarding a subject. You can choose a variety of themes and backgrounds on this app and make it presentable to your child. It also has the ability to monitor your child’s grade.

6. Math Master

Well, we have found an easy way to help your child learn Mathematics by arousing his interest in the subject by making it interesting and full of fun. This is one of the complete mathematics application where your child learns the subject by role-playing style as he has to play a role of a baby and before jumping to higher levels he has to clear the basic level as the higher one contain more difficult formulas and calculations. This teaching app covers various topics like statistics, leaderboards, and also some other 97 topics which are related to the subject. It offers you a nice user interface that keeps the thing interesting and makes the learning process more interactive and easy for your child.

7. YouTube Kids

This learning app gives Kids a More creative learning environment that boosts there energy and learning skills and makes simple and easy for them to learn new things. It allows them to explore on their own and also has some parental controls so that that child can access the content related to his interest only. It also contains filters and the videos on YouTube Kids are family-friendly. The kids also can watch their favorite shows and learn from them too. The app also offers video recommendations according to a child’s interest and you can edit it by going in settings.

8. Vedantu

This is a leading online teaching app where the students learn by having LiVE Sessions with the teacher. It allows you to have live interaction and interactive learning between a teacher and a student. You can opt for the individual as well as group classes. It focuses on personalized live online teaching and ensures that the student gets the complete attention of a teacher at his or her comfort by sitting at his own place. The interaction between the duo is strong and two ways i.e. the teacher teaches the lesson and students can ask their doubts and questions, unlike in a crowded classroom. It also enhances the questioning skills of a child while imparting practical knowledge to him. There is no doubt in saying that better interaction between the teacher and student, more are the chances of core Concept learning. So if you want to take personalized lessons without a home tutor then you can download this app on your smartphone.

9. BYJU’S – The Learning App –

This online tutoring app was founded in 2011 at Bangalore and has the common brand name for Think and Learn Private Limited. The app can be downloaded free of cost and you can have free access to content for 15 days after the registration after that you will have to pay the amount to avail its services. The app can be used by school students from classes 1 – 12 i.e. from primary to higher secondary level as it provides educational content for all the classes plus it also trains students for competitive examinations such as IIT, JEE, NEET, etc. It mainly focuses on mathematics and science and explains the concept of the subject by digital animation videos whose duration varies from 12 to 20 minutes. It is used by over 40 million users worldwide and it is the latest method of online teaching where the child gets to learn at his comfort and is free to clear his doubt by asking the teacher or by watching the demonstration videos again and again. Recently, this app has launched its new programs for students of LKG and UKG as well.

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