Best Non-Chinese Alternatives to Camscanner App

As we all are aware of the fact that a few days ago the Indian Government has banned 59 Chinese apps as we are not in peace of state with China. Some of the most used apps include TikTok, Camscanner, UC Browser, ShareIt, etc. In this article, we have come up with various new and non-Chinese apps that will provide functionality the same as of CamScanner app.

06 Best Alternatives to Camscanner App

This article has some of the best apps listed that will provide you the same experience in scanning documents as the CamScanner did as the CamScanner app has been taken off from the Google Play Store and also from the Apple store. Millions of people used the former app on ios and android devices as image scanners. So here begins our list with the first one:-

1. Adobe Scan –

This application is developed by Adobe and it has some in-built features which can detect the type of document you are scanning like receipts, notes, ID cards, or any form of paper, etc. It also enhances the quality of the image and crops them accordingly and thus saves you much time and effort. The main advantage of this app is that it has OCR(Optical Character Reader) which can read the text in your pictures and this app is also trusted by millions of users. The disadvantage of this app is that it doesn’t add watermark to your images and documents just like the CamScanner app.

2. Scanbot –

This app is somewhat similar to the CamScanner app in terms of features as it also scans all kinds of documents and images and can crop them and detect edges. It also has inbuilt OCR just like the above-mentioned app which reads character on an image. You can scan multiple pages at a time.

3. Microsoft Office Lens –

If we talk about the most trusted app, then this app tops the list as it comes from Microsoft- a name everyone is well aware of. This app has some unique and common features in comparison with other apps. In terms of similarity, it also offers OCR support and auto edging, cropping pictures, etc. In terms of uniqueness, this scanning app developed by Microsft is capable of scanning handwritten documents, drawn diagrams, whiteboard tables, etc. and makes them readable. You can also export all the types of scanned documents to Microsoft other Softwares like MS Word and MS PPowerPoint and make useful word files or PowerPoint presentations from the same.

4. PhotoScan –

This app is developed by Google and it works well with pictures, not with plain documents. When you scan the pictures from this app, its inbuilt features excellently works and detects auto edges, makes high-quality pictures, and removes all kinds of dazzles and patches, to give your images a look like they are taken from an actual scanner. This app does not support OCR and batch scanning but it hardly misses any single detail of picture scanned.

5. TapScanner –

This scanning app has some cool and different features, unlike other apps. You can scan three pictures at the same time and create a finely detailed scanned document. This feature works well on some devices and on some it works slowly, depending upon the functionality. The other unique feature includes digitally signing your saved pdfs. These are the main features that no other scanning app has. Like other apps including the CamScanner app, it also has a number of filters to add your documents to give it a look you want and it also has OCR support, batch scanning, and auto-edging, etc.

6. Google Drive –

If you are looking for a simple scanning app then Google Drive is the app for you as most of us already have it in our smartphones. You can scan the documents on it and can access the documents any time from anywhere as they are permanently saved into Google Drive. This app does not have some basic features like OCR Support, auto-edging, etc as it is low on features but you will get the Google Integration of Documents.


These were some best apps that can work as an alternative to CamScanner. Download the one you feel best according to your use and let us know the feedback. In my opinion, Microsoft Office Lens as it has various unique features plus it also allows you to make word files and ppt from scanned documents.

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