10 Best Online Multiplayer Games To Play With Friends

We all love to play games on our smartphones and the games that can be played online indulging our friends within gives a totally different dose of fun and excitement. Playing in multiplayer mode shows your team efforts and also improves your team skills. If you are thinking of how to know about such games, then you need not waste your time searching for it over the Internet. We have got you covered as we have come up with the list that includes 10 Best games that can be played in multiplayer mode over the Internet.

Best Multiplayer Games To Play With Friends Over The Internet

All the games mentioned below can be played by both android and ios users by downloading it from respective Game Stores. The list includes:

1. Pubg Mobile

This game is played by people all over the world and is quite popular among people of all age groups. This game tops our list as you can play it online with your friends and can also have voice chat too at the same time. It can be played anytime or whenever you feel bored. When you kill your enemies in this game, it gives so much pleasure. It has both vast lands and airdrop to fight over and squad house’s to camp and kill when enemies come near. It is available on Google Play Store and on ios too. You should try your hands on this one as you will definitely enjoy playing it with your friends.

2. UNO

All of us have played this card game in our houses during our vacations or family gets together with our cousins and siblings. But its not always possible to play it with our near ones. So to overcome this situation, we are here to tell you that you can download it on your smartphone from Play Store or from Apple Store. You can invite your friends to it by just one click. If you don’t have friends available at a time, you can play with real online players that may be sitting in any corner of the world. This game keeps you engaged for hours and vanishes your boredom completely. It also restores your childhood memories. It also has various tournaments running in which you can compete and can earn some rewards that will be used within the game. It is free to download and play.

3. Fortnite

The only game that gives cut-throat competition to Pubg is Fortnite. It is also a shooting game just like Pubg and can be played between two or more players. Most of the people who earlier used to play Pubg have shifted to this one as it has a free-to-play battle royal mode for beginners. People love it more as it is a mass multiplayer game and also gives some free offers. In this game, you have to defend, kill zombies, just like a typical shooting game. The mobile version of it is available for free and you need not spend a penny on it. It has open access to many and it can be downloaded by both android and ios users. While playing it, you have to be conscious as you have to keep an eye on your competitors.

4. Ludo

Ludo is also one of the most popular and famous board game that we are playing since our childhood. It was one of the main source of time pass during the lockdown period. If you don’t have any real opponent at your home with whom you can play a match of Ludo then you can fulfill your wish by playing it online on your smartphone. The game is available on Play Store and ios both. When you download this game, you can invite your friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, messages, etc, and can play with them. If you don’t have any friends available at a time then you can play with online players. When you click on an online play option, you get an opponent that may belong to any other country. It is a multiplayer game you can play with 3 of your friends at a time as a match of Ludo can have a maximum of 4 players. As there are a variety of Ludo games available, choosing the best is difficult. So you can read my article regarding Best Ludo Apps on the same site. So download it and utilize your free time.

5. Clash of Clans

We are very sure that you are well aware of this game. As we are talking about online multiplayer games, this game also comes in our list. Though you can find many strategy games on Google Play Store or on Apple Store, it beats all of them. It has some amazing characters which include warriors and dragons. It has new levels for Hog Rider, Valkyrie, Goblin, Inferno Tower and Mortar, etc. It also has faster Spell brewing, Clan War matchmaking updates, and more! Thus, you should not waste any more time and should download it on your smartphone without any doubt and start playing it. Don’t forget you can easily add your friends to the game and can play and compete with them.

6. Rules of Survival

It is another online multiplayer game that can be played by android users and ios users. However, some people resemble Rules of Survival with Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds because the same company manufactures both but both are way different from each other. That’s why it has won the hearts of many players with the passage of time. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds cant is downloaded by both android and ios users. Talking about Rules of Survival, it has very responsive and intrusive. The features and graphics are very amazing. So, you must give it a shot.

7. Call of Duty

This game was played before only on PC or on Playstations like PS4, Xbox but now after so many years, it has come up with a mobile version. So all the players who are in love with this game and don’t have a PC or Playstation available every time can play it on mobile. It features different playable characters, maps, and game modes. As per your preference, you can also select different controls within the game. The developers of this game have also added Zombies game mode in November 2019. Adding this feature became hit as soon as it was launched. Though the Call of Duty Mobile game has been launched the major share had already been acquired by Pubg as the developers became a bit late in launching the Mobile version. It also gives tough competition to Pubg and Fortnite.

8. Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

It was launched on 5 April 2011 by  Appsomniacs LLC. It is a 2D shooting multiplayer mobile game and is available for both android and ios users. It has succeeded in gaining much fame and popularity in a short span of time. Playing it is really fun and pleasant as you get a chance to shoot your enemies. You can fight in epic battles against players from all over the world. You can kill your enemy only by pointing on it as weapon shoots automatically. It has very pretty graphics and it is a user-friendly game with various levels. the main advantage of this game is that it can be played by 12 people at the same time using the same WiFi network.

9. Modern Combat 5

It is also a shooting multiplayer game that can be played by a single player in campaign mode or by multi-players in online mode. It comes with some astonishing graphics and video sound. If you are playing single-handedly, you will have fun while playing and you will enjoy the story mode while in multiplayer mode, you get to invite your friends, create a squad, etc. You can also build up a team of yours and test your team skills against opponents in multiplayer warfare. Playing it improves your effectiveness against armored targets. If you log in daily onto it, you will get credits for the same which can be used within the game to upgrade your characters, armors, etc. Though it does not fail to impress you when it comes to graphics and characters, due to it, the game gives a slow performance on most powerful smartphones.

10. Asphalt 9:Legends

It is a perfect game for all smartphone users who are looking to download a game that offers drift racing, arcade racing, etc. Asphalt 9 is one of its kind as no other game can beat it or we can say that no competition is available for it. It is developed by Gameloft and it is an epic car racing game. Both the android and ios users can enjoy it for free on their smart devices. When you download it, you can choose your favorite car of your dreams on which you wanna ride. You can win the race with your favorite car and you also get to hit the tracks challenge your own limits to become a legend of the track. The game has amazing visuals, HDR techniques, real cars, and particle effects that give you the effect of a real blockbuster race movie.

You can also modify your car by mastering the design of it on your own. The exact color and material of the car can also be modified by using the new editor. Thus it gives you an experience as real as you are creating your own dream car. It can be played in multiplayer mode and you can even create a community of your own. You can become a real Asphalt racer legend by racing furiously over 60 sessions and 800 events in the career mode against the best online players from anywhere in the world. You also get the best Milestone rewards when you unlock them by colluding with your fellow speed freaks.

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