13 Best Educational Cartoon Shows For Kids

Gone are the days when TV was only considered as an “Idiot Box” by our parents because as a kid, we all have watched cartoon shows in our childhood and that was a big concern for our parents. As they used to think its just a waste of time and nothing else. But do you know, there are certain cartoon shows that are beneficial for your child. These cartoon shows are educational and help in increasing the learning process and also boost the IQ level of your child. It will also help to improve their language ability, general awareness, some basics of science, and maths. Thus, these shows bestow extensive values to your child besides just entertainment.

Best Educational Cartoon Shows For Kids

In this article, we have come up with Best Cartoon Shows that not only will provide entertainment to your child but will also impart educational and moral values to them. So let us explore our list:

1. Dora and Friends: Into the City

If you want your child to learn the value of friendship and hard work, then you should tell him to watch this cartoon show as the characters in it teaches your child the value of the same and also the theme of this show revolves around problem-solving. The main lead of this show is Dora. Children love to imitate her character in real life and want to become like her. The theme of the show is, it portrays Dora and her friends as hardworking girls and self-dependent girls who want to transform their hometown into a better place of living. Thus, watching it will improve the morale of your child in real life.

2. Elena of Avalor

This cartoon series helps to teach the value of friends and family to the kids by means of entertainment. The main character of the show is Elena who knows how to maintain a balance between friends and family and how to value both of them. The show also infers the value of kindness and honesty to your child by highlighting the theme and characters in such a way. Despite these moral values, it also helps your kid to gain knowledge about forms of Latin dance and basics of Spanish Language. In short, it helps in expanding the concept of diversity in young minds.

3. Sid the Science Kid

All the parents who from the very beginning want their child to be interested in Science can let him watch this cartoon show. The main character in it is Sid who is very fascinating about discovering the world around him. He wants to learn the concepts around him by exploring it. Watching this show, will also make your child curious to know and learn about the concepts of Science. This urge and curiosity will later help him to explore more in this subject. The show is ideal for children of 4-8 years. To make it look more interesting, it has music running in the background which keeps the interest of the child intact.

4. Arthur

This is a cartoon show for kids above 5 years of age. It is a fun-filled show which entertains your child and also imparts education to him by means of entertainment. It has sibling arguments and helps the child to gain a better understanding of siblings. The charming cartoon character also teaches the value of friendship and also tells you how to overcome fears in your life. It also impacts the value to stay determined in your life and to tackle the tough situations of your own by remaining calm and finding out creative ways to overcome the difficulties.

5. Nutri Ventures

Health and nutrition is an important part of the growth of the child. Kids these days prefer eating junk and outside food over the nutritious and healthy one. You may not be aware that there is a cartoon show that eases the tension of parents by teaching the child the healthy habits of eating. Watching this show will provide entertainment to your child and will make him understand the significance of good health and a love for good food. This is a must-watch show for all the kids as it will help them to lead the life in a more disciplined manner by indulging in health habits.

6. Messy Goes to Okido –

This show also helps in arousing the interest of your child in learning Science. There is a character named Messy who always asks questions related to anything or work and then he goes to a place named Okido, where he finds all his answers. Let me give you an example: Once upon a time, Messy thought that what all things are made of? On visiting Okido, he found the answer as “atom”. Thus, if your child watches this show then he will come to know more about science and about the natural aspects too.

7. Word Girl

Most of the parents try to improve the vocabulary of their kid from childhood days only but kids are least interested in learning the same. Well, we have come up with a solution to your problem. You can let them watch this cartoon show named Word Girl where your child can learn new words daily. The main lead character in it beats the villain by the power of her words. The show not only widens the horizon of your child but also helps him to pronounce new and tough words clearly. Thus, this show is a must-watch for children who want to improvise their speaking skills and learn vocabulary in an interesting way.

8. Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood

On putting efforts, parents can let their child learn everything to be it learning, dancing, painting, etc. But there are some things that kids learn their own with the passage of time. This show helps the children to cope up with social strategies and to handle the emotions. This is a great skill to learn which develops over time and this show helps in developing it. It also helps the child to live life in a fun and enjoyable manner and strengthen relations with family and friends. Thus, letting your child watch this show will teach him the value of family.

9. Blaze and the Monster Machines

This is an American English Cartoon Series in which the story revolves around nine friendly trucks that are gifted with varied abilities. This show helps your child to learn about STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Each episode of it teaches everything worthwhile to children by imparting educational, interactive, and learning abilities. Parents should let their children watch this show to let them learn something while having fun.


As a parent, if you are looking for something creative and unique for your toddler to teach the basic alphabets of English and letting him learn reading skills, then this show is a boom for you. It helps your child to learn new words and improves vocabulary. It also focuses on the correct pronunciation of words and listening to the same words over and over again will help your child to memorize it and speak it fluently.

11. Word World –

This cartoon show not only improves the word power but also develops the mental ability of children. In this cartoon series, different animal characters interact with each other to build different words in order to solve various riddles. Watching them solve various riddles with word power will definitely boost their mental growth and vocabulary too. The word that kids have heard in the show will be remembered by them for long as the show presents it in such a beautiful way.

12. Team Umizoomi

We have talked about various cartoon series that help in improving the grammar skills of kids but yes there is also a cartoon show that helps your child in learning maths in a fun and enjoyable manner. Most of the kids used to hate maths but this show will arouse their interest in the subject as it will help them recognize different shapes and patterns. It also helps the children to learn basic addition and subtraction. Thus, it is a great show for little ones as it will help them in learning preschool maths concepts.

13. Ask the Storybots –

There is a stage in a parent’s life when they become fed up with answering silly questions asked by their kids. For eg. Why the sky is blue? Why do birds fly but we cant? Well, the solution is with us. All you have to do is ask your child to watch this cartoon show as Ask the Storybots has all the answers with them. Moreover, the answers are through a song. What can be more interesting for a kid than that!! And what can be more relaxing for a parent than that!!


Well, this guide will definitely change your mind about cartoons. Now as a parent, you have to make a choice to let your child watch the best one and learn the skills and qualities of the same. Don’t consider your TV as an “Idiot BOX” rather turn it into an “Educational Box” and let your child enjoy happy and fun-filled learning.

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