How To Change Snapchat Font Text on Android & iOS

Snapchat is a famous messaging application that lets clients transfer pictures and recordings (called snaps) that are intended to vanish after they’re seen. It’s promoted as “another sort of camera” in light of the fact that the basic capacity is to snap a photo or video, include channels, focal points, or different impacts and offer them with companions.

There is also a new feature on Snapchat that now you can change the font while using Snapchat. By this latest Snapchat font feature, the app is giving its users a new way to recount their stories with text styles that are ideal for every single event. Now you can choose more than one font per snap. It’s really quite easy to get and use these fonts.

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Here is the step by step procedure you can use to change fonts on Snapchat.

How to Change Fonts on Snapchat

If you are using Snapchat, you should be happy to hear the fact that now you can easily change the text font on your snaps. Snapchat has released a new feature which is apart of Snapchat makeover that you can now get various font option that is very attractive and perfect to use. Here is how you can change the font in Snapchat.

Step 1: Start with taking a snap using whatever filter you like.

Step 2: Add the filter you like to your snap.

Step 3: Now tap on the picture in order to type the text as you simply do always.

Step 4: Then, you will see the fonts option above your keyboard.

Step 5: Swipe through the fonts list until you find the suitable one to your snap post.

You are allowed to use more than one font every snap. All you need is just start the procedure again with every text you want to change the font with.

What are Snapchat New Fonts?

The new update of Snapchat includes 13 different types of fonts that you can use in order to personalize your own snaps and send them to your friends. These fonts are like few classics, some old English and some comic sans. These new fonts also include glow and gradient fonts.

You will also get an italic font that contains a background highlight. It also looks like a perfect logo if you add red color to it. You will also get a classy serif in the list of new font that will help you create a Robert Frost vibe. You can simply create and decorate anything that you want to do with your snaps and make it your personal brand. You can easily use various fonts on the same snap by allowing the typographic inclinations to make it quite wild.

List of Fonts Available On Snapchat

You will discover numerous sorts of text styles choose the suitable textual style for you from this menu and you can likewise change the text dimension and shade of it as you like. Below is the complete list of fonts that you can use in your snap while writing text.

  • Classic
  • Big Text
  • Glow
  • Rainbow
  • Italics
  • Gradient
  • Script
  • Brush
  • Fancy
  • Old English
  • Comic Sans
  • Serif
  • Cooper BT

One of the benefits of Snapchat is the capacity to include text inside pictures or recordings. There are numerous alternatives to include text inside Snapchat with including impacts the textual styles and a similar change in size and shading. You can really utilize more than one of the new Caption Styles inside a similar Snap. Ideal your message by blending and coordinating the content alternatives anyway you’d like.

How to Use the Snapchat Font?

As you see that not every Snapchat update is easy to understand and use but this new fonts update in Snapchat is fairly easy to use. As you click a picture, you can also add text to the snap that you were able to do before the update al But with this new font update, you can now get a bar on the top that contains the new fonts options that you can use on the point of a click. Thus, the new look of Snapchat is really awesome.

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The world needs to see your cool text! Send your Snap to a limited gathering, or add it to your Story for the entirety of your contacts to appreciate. Everybody will be considering how they can stir up their own text style styles. Cool, isn’t that so? Your Snapchat account is going to get significantly greater character.


We would like to have furnished you with valuable data about how to change Snapchat font and style your snap. Hope you like it and find it helpful.

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