How To Check Traffic To Work On Google Maps?

Google Maps is quite an easy option you can use to explore a destination. It will help you in finding nearby organizations and investigating new regions. Google Maps stands apart gratitude to its easy to use interface and route features, however, we wager that you don’t think about each component of this device. Google is routinely updating Maps by adding new highlights to upgrade your experience and make the application simpler to utilize. Throughout the years, Google has added highlights that permit you to spare your preferred spots, share your area with companions, and get customized proposals. Here are some valuable yet lesser-known highlights, as in disguise mode, live view, sparing your preferred areas, or sharing your area continuously.

How to Check Traffic on Google Maps?

There are two ways you can do it. Either you can use the browser or you can use your phone app to see the traffic. Let’s get to know both methods one by one.

Check Traffic on Google Maps using the browser

Let first understand the method of knowing traffic on google maps by using your browser. Let’s understand step by step.

Step 1: First of all you have to open your web browser on your computer and visit the google maps website.

Step 2: See the search bar onto the top and enter your desired destination in the search bar and tap on the search button or you can also hit the enter button on your keyboard. This will help you navigate the area very quickly.

Step 3: Then see a small toolbar under the search text box and choose a traffic option from the toolbox. This way you will see four colored lines there. The colors will be seen as green, yellow, orange, and red. Green color denotes that traffic is fast, red color denotes that the traffic is slow.

This way you can understand which way is suitable and how should you reach your destination and how much will it take for you to reach the desired destination.

Check Traffic on Google Maps On Smartphone

Now, let’s understand how you can see the traffic using your mobile application. Let’s start will step by step guidelines.

Step 1: First of all open google maps app in your android or iPhone. In case you don’t have google maps’ app on your phone, go to play store in case you Android or app store in case you are using iPhone and download it from there.

Step 2: The next step is to log in using your Google account credentials. Enter the email address and password and tap on sign in there. When you sign in, you will see your current location on the opened map on your app screen.

In case you don’t have any google account, you can create one by tapping on create an account link on the welcome screen of the app. To create an account you have to enter your full name, username, email id, and password. This way your google account will be opened instantly and you can then use the google maps app on your phone.

Step 3: Again you will see a search bar on the top of the app screen. You have to enter your desired location in the search box and tap on search or hit enter on your keyboard.

Step 4: You will a menu button there on the left side of the map. Select traffic from the menu options and you will see the four-color line; Green, Red, Yellow, and orange. Green will indicate that traffic is moving fast and the red light will tell you that traffic is moving very slow.

This way you can see the traffic position on your Google map app on the phone.

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Additional Google Maps Features That You Don’t Know

Google Maps has a lot of amazing features that you don’t know completely. You can use many of the features like-

  1. You can go completely hands-free on goggle maps. You can simply use your voice to search for the destination you want to reach. All you have to say is either Hey Google or Okay Google and try as many questions as you want. A few of the examples of commands that you use are – What road is this, What’s my next turn, How’s traffic ahead, How’s traffic to work, Avoid highways, Find gas stations, and much more.
  2. You can open your map and tap of the blue dot that you see which actually tees your current location. You can save the location as your parking location. You can save it as a photo or notes or can set a timer that will make you remind the time you should move your vehicle.
  3. In case you want someone to find you, you can share your location with them. Just open your maps app in your phone, and tap on the blue dot and choose the option to share your location and send it by whatever means you want to your known ones.
  4. You can easily find what’s near you using the google map app on your phone. You have to search using commands like – Restaurants near here or bookstore near here or whatever you want to know.
  5. If you are looking up the same places, again and again, you can simply save the destination using a name that you prefer. Like the doctor’s clinic, your bookstore, or anything you want.


So this was all about looking for traffic to work using google maps in a browser or in your mobile app. Hope the article will help you understand the steps you should use while checking traffic to work using google maps.

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