10 Most Popular Chess Games For Android (Free & Paid)

Chess is one of the most famous board games for years. It can be played at any time and anywhere as it is played indoors. The game helps you to pass your time and learn new game strategies that sharp your mind.

Most Popular Android Chess Games

Learning chess is easy but mastering over it is a difficult task. You even get to learn new strategies and techniques even after years of playing. In this article, we have come up with a list that features detailed information about 10 Best Chess Games that are available on Google Play and can be downloaded by chess players free of cost. Some games are free to play while some require an amount to be paid to use advanced features.

1. Chess by AI Factory Limited

You can download this game for free on your smartphone and can also play it for free but the free version has ads in between. You can remove the same by buying the pro version for $0.99. Talking about the features, this chess game is the most popular chess game among android users. It has eight different chessboard themes and 12 different levels in terms of ease and difficulty. It also offers pro play mode and even cloud saving. This game also shows your achievements and leaderboards which drives you to play with more attention and interest.

2. Chess Repertoire Trainer –  

This chess game should be downloaded by the beginners who want to train themselves in this game as it teaches you how to open up and how to transition from openings into the mid-game. The inbuilt feature watches your moves and immediately makes a move to target your weaknesses. The more you play, the more you learn as learning gets better with time. The game also allows you random opening by using flashcards. This game uses the famous Stockfish chess engine and offers PNG file support. The app is free to download and play but if you buy it for $4.99 you get more advanced features.

3. Chess Tactics Pro

If you want to sharpen your chess playing skills then you should have Chess Tactics Pro downloaded on your smartphone. This game is somewhat different from normal chess games as it has plenty of chess puzzles. Moreover, it offers offline puzzles and daily puzzles too. Playing and solving the same will definitely add a boost to your skills. You can download it for free but if you buy it for $8.99, you get additional features and new content. The game is love for all the chess lovers who need to improvise their playing skills and learn new tactics for playing.


This game is considered as best chess game for learners. You can easily learn how to play chess with different strategies and tactics as CT-ART has different 2,200 basic exercises and 1,800 auxiliary exercises. It also has topics in the number of 50 which help you to learn. The game keeps an eye on your progress within and keeps a track of your ELO improvement. Describing all the features, CT-ART can be more termed as an instructional app rather than saying it a proper chess game. Talking about the price, the game is free to download and play but if you want to unlock all the exercises you have to pay an amount of $7.99 to avail all the advanced features.

5. Droidfish Chess

This game is love for all the serious chess players as it is one of the difficult chess games available on Android devices. The game is free to download and play and has no in-app purchases and has no advertisement in between. The app has inbuilt Stockfish chess engine with a GUI over top. This chess game has high tech features which include PGN, FEN, and EPD support. It has support for other engine apps and support for Syzygy and Gaviota tablebases. The game also offers you a feature to adjust the difficulty level of a game by varying the strength of the engine.

6. iChess

All the casual players having a smartphone should download this chess game on your phone. The game is free to download and play and you can buy the pro version at a price of $1.99. The only difference between free and the pro versions is advertising. The free version has ads running in between while the pro version is free from ads. You can play chess-related puzzles in offline mode and can also add your own. The game does not support CBH but supports PGN puzzle files. The puzzles are arranged according to difficulty levels which are 3 in number.

7. Lichess

Of all the chess games mentioned above, none of the games offers the option to compete online or participate in tournaments but Lichess offers you the same. The app has a wide network of users mainly more than 150000. You can compete with other online players at your skill level. The game has 80 different languages and also offers you the option to play in offline mode. If you don’t have an internet connection on your phone, you can still play this game by competing with the computer. You can also see your game statistics and the game has various modes and different online tournaments running now and then in which thousands of players take part. In addition to all these features, the price of this game also boosts you to download it as this game is free to download and does not have any ads or in-app purchases. What more can be needed!!! Right??

8. Play Magnus Chess

This game is somewhat different from the above-mentioned chess game. As the name itself suggests, you can play like Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen on this game. You got to choose the age of Magnus Carlsen and the engine tunes itself to play like he did at that age. You can also adjust the difficulty levels according to your skills and expertise in the game. This is a decent chess game that has an autotune engine that allows you to play as Magnus Carlsen. The game can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

9. Really Bad Chess

This is the latest chess game available for android users at a price of $2.99. You can also download and play it for free but the paid version has a versus mode which allows you to compete with online players. The paid version is also free from advertisements and has various themes and other changes than the free version. The game has five knights and three bishops or 3 queens and 2 pawns on the board for all the game lovers. The game is a decent one having an option to play with completely random pieces. The free version of this game allows you to play with computer or Artificial Intelligence in different game modes. If you are of the opinion that perfect strategy does not matter for playing a chess game then you should have it installed on your phone.

10. Shredder Chess

All the chess game players who like to solve different puzzles of the game should download this game as we highly recommend this chess game. This is one of the most popular chess game because it has more than 1000 puzzles and it can save and load states like video game console emulators. The playing strength can also be adjusted and the game also has a desktop version. Buying the desktop version gives you a mobile version for free and it can be bought for $6.99.


We have tried to cover the best chess games that are available for android users. You should read the details of every game and download the one which suits you best. If you want to solve different puzzles or daily puzzles then we have Shredder Chess, CT-ART, Chess Tactics Pro on the list. If you want to compete with online players then you must download Lichess and if you want yourself to be considered as a chess champion then you should try your hands on Play Magnus Chess.

Let us know your favorite chess game and follow us to get more information regarding the various topics related to gaming and more.

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