COD Black Ops Cold War 3107840166 Error

WORKING FIX: COD Black Ops Cold War 3107840166 Error

There has been a developing number of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War players searching for help about a game-breaking bug: error code 3107840166. In this investigating guide, we’ll talk about the potential purposes behind this blunder and how best to fix it.

Reasons for 3107840166 Error on COD Black Ops Cold War

In view of our research and the different conditions of cases that we’ve inspected, apparently, there are 4 potential reasons why error code 3107840166 happens on PC.

Arbitrary Game Bug

A few players said that they just experienced error code 3107840166 on COD Black Ops Cold War once. From that point onward, the error strangely evaporated and never returned.

Debased Game Files

Damaged Black Ops Cold War files are another explanation behind this mistake. In some cases, game records may become debased if an update is interfered with, fragmented, or can’t completely out of the blue.

Old or Obsolete Design Drivers.

Some Black Ops Cold War players may get the lethal error 3107840166 due to obsolete drivers for your GPU. On the off chance that you haven’t yet, ensure that you physically check for the most recent accessible drivers for your graphics card.

Awful Outsider Application

For other people, the essential explanation behind error code 3107840166 is the immediate consequence of another application meddling with the Black Ops Cold War game. In the event that you run different applications like MSI Afterburner or other comparative projects, take a stab at shutting them to check whether any of them is making the mistake happen.

How to Fix COD Black Ops Cold War 3107840166 Error

The following are the arrangements that you can attempt if error code 3107840166 has become persevering when playing COD Black Ops Cold War.

Update the Game

Prior to doing any troubleshooting steps on your PC, make certain steps to update the COD Black Ops Cold War game. This is particularly significant on the off chance that you are getting the error code 3107840166 when playing the disconnected Campaign mode only.

Check Latest Graphics Drivers

Whenever you’ve ensured that the software environment is completely refreshed, it’s time that you additionally ensure that the introduced illustrations card is running the most recent driver adaptation. In basic terms, drivers resemble scaled-down OS for an equipment part, for example, your graphic card that permits smoother correspondence between the segment and Windows OS.

Shut Down Other Applications

In the event that your PC has all the earmarks of being drowsy, have a go at shutting different applications that run along with the game to let loose assets. On the off chance that you have been running the game for quite a while, consider restarting the PC to invigorate it. A few applications with overlay capacities like MSI Afterburner, Discord, or comparative projects may meddle with certain games. Take a stab at shutting any such application in your PC to check whether that will fix error code 3107840166.

Scan and Repair

A few players had the option to effectively fix blunder code 3107840166 with the utilization of the Scan and Repair feature. This works by permitting the Blizzard launcher to check the game files and refreshing them if important.


In the event that you were ineffective in fixing the deadly error, 3107840166 and Black Ops Cold War is slamming, you need to do a more radical advance of erasing the game from the framework and reinstalling it.

So the were some amazing fixes that will help you in solving COD Black Ops Cold War 3107840166 Error. Try these solutions one by one and check if the error is resolved.


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