How to Delete Twitch Account?

Twitch is an online webpage that permits clients to watch or broadcast live real-time or pre-recorded videos of telecaster’s computer game interactivity. A Twitch broadcast regularly incorporates sound editorial from the player, and video of the player may show up on the edge of the screen by means of their webcam.

Twitch is a platform where you can sit back and enjoy your favorite streamers playing games and you can also chat with their communities. But there are chances where you might think about deleting your Twitch Account. If you have decided to delete your twitch account below you will see the correct procedure that you must follow.

How to Delete Your Twitch Account?

Deleting the Twitch account is not that difficult but all you need is an accurate procedure. Here we have shared the accurate procedure that you must follow in order to delete your Twitch account.

Step 1: First of all, you have to go to

Step 2: After that, you have to sign in to your twitch account.

Step 3: Then visit You can tap on the link itself or just paste it into your address bar.

Step 4: A page will be opened. You have to enter your reason to delete your twitch account.

Step 5: After that, you have to select a Delete account.

By doing so as soon as your request will get processed, your twitch account will be deleted forever.

You can also disable your Twitch account by following the below-given procedure.

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How to Disable Your Twitch Account?

Disabling your Twitch account is also a very easy process and you can do it quite simply by following the process given below.

Step 1: First of all, you have to open your Twitch account.

Step 2: Then, you have to log in to your Twitch account using the accurate credentials.

Step 3: There you have to tap on the drop-down menu that you will see in the top right corner.

Step 4: Then tap on the settings option to move forward.

Step 5: You have to scroll down to the bottom of the settings page.

Step 6: On the settings page you will see a section Disable your Twitch Account. Just tap on the Disable account option.

Step 7: As you tap on the Disable account option, you will reach to a Disable account page. There you will need to enter the password of your account and your feedback in case you have any regarding your decision to disable twitch account. You can anyhow skip the second part.

Step 8: There you will see a purple disable account button. As you tap on the button, your account will get disabled.

What You Should Consider Before Disabling Your Twitch Account?

Before you disable your Twitch account, you should consider a few things. Here we have listed them to let you know.

Inform Your Followers

If you have decided to disable your account, you must inform your viewers. You must make sure that you mention your broadcast and you should also refer your other social accounts like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, etc. So that your followers can keep in touch with you.

Disconnect Other Accounts

It’s a great idea to remove your other accounts and social networks. If you have any additional gaming services like Xbox, Steam, etc. you should break the connection. You should do it so that you can connect them to any new accounts that you may create in the future.

Delete Personal Info

When you delete your twitch account, twitch does not delete your complete information. So you must delete if you have any important information attached to your twitch account. This is just to protect your personal information.

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