How To Fix Drone Won’t Connect To WiFi?

Now as we use more of WiFi as our default network, we face many problems in connecting various devices to WiFi like our smartphones, smart TV, and sometimes drones too. When we face these WiFi connecting issue, it’s quite frustrating. These WiFi errors can be seen at the worst possible time. If you are facing error in connecting your favorite drone to Your WiFi then you are not alone. This is actually a common problem that is faced by various people while they try to connect their drones to the WiFi.

Proven Ways to Fix Drone Won’t Connect to WiFi

In the article below, we will just understand some fixes that will help you in making solutions to the problem Drone not connecting to WiFi.

Fix 1: Check Connection Settings

The very first step that you should is to check the connection setting on your phone. You must check the WiFi settings on your drone. There might be chances that the WiFi has not been turned on in the drone settings. It is an easy fix. Just check your drone network settings and turn on the WiFi settings. You can also check airplane mode on your phone that you are using to fly the drone. When the airplane is on, it just disables the WiFi and therefore you can’t connect to the internet. If the airplane is off and the connection is perfectly alright and still you are not able to connect the drone to WiFi, you can follow other options.

Fix 2: Check the Router Name and Password

The connection that you are fang might be a result of you trying to connect to a wrong network. This can happen to anyone at any time. This can happen when somebody else near you is also using a WiFi that has the same name as you have used. You connect the drone to some other WiFi and the password when you enter doesn’t match. Make sure you check your WiFi correctly and connect to the accurate Network. In case you have connected the correct network and still facing the same issue, you can check the password again. Maybe you are entering the wrong password. Just try to re-enter the accurate password and see if it’s working or not. Make sure while entering the password, you are keeping track of the upper case and lower case as passwords are always case sensitive.

Fix 3: Reboot Your Router

There are chances that the problem lies in your router and not in the drone. This may happen all the time you try connecting the drone to the WiFi network. To solve this, you have to just unplug the router from the power outlet and wait for few minutes. After sometimes just plug in the router again. After few minutes you need to on the router and once there is everything setup, you should try to connect the router to the network again and see if the drone is connecting properly to the WiFi or not.

Fix 4: Reconnect the WiFi Network

The next solution that you can try is just reconnecting the WiFi network. This fix might solve the problem you rea facing with connecting the drone to the network. All you need to do is just forget the WiFi Network from the network setting and search again and connect again to the same network. By doing this you may see the error has got solved.

In case you have all the fixes and still, the problem is not solving, then there might be some hardware issues. In such a case, you should get the device repaired.

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