Eight Best Offline Games for Your iPhone

We all agree with the fact that online games are really great but for playing them you need an uninterrupted internet connection. And sometimes when we eagerly want to play games like while sitting in a waiting room or in a plane, we can’t have access to WiFi.

This time we need some offline games to pass the time. With the increasing numbers of iPhone developers, the list of games are also increasing. But to find out the best among them is really difficult. That’s why to help you with the list I am giving you a list of 8 must-have offline games for your iPhone. Try them once.

Best Offline Games for Your iPhone

Here are some of the best offline games for your iOS device.


Minecraft is an enormous, open-ended, first-person game with an emphasis on investigation and creating. Each time you load another game, nature is haphazardly amassed so no two plays will be actually similar. In contrast to most games, Minecraft offers little in the method of headings, or a battle/story mode to work through so far as that is concerned: It’s a freestyle, agreeable issue with the player making sense of what they should or shouldn’t do through experimentation.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is an indie puzzle game created and distributed by Ustwo Games. The player drives the princess Ida through labyrinths of optical figments and impossible objects while controlling her surroundings to arrive at different stages. This is an extraordinary way to unwind in case you’re apprehensive while flying or simply need to sit back.

Grand Theft Auto Games

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a long-running series of video games, distributed by Rockstar Games and created by auxiliary organizations. The games are principally evolved by Rockstar North.

Not at all like most customary action games, that are organized as a solitary track arrangement of levels with direct ongoing interaction, in GTA the player can decide the missions they need to attempt, and their associations with different characters are changed dependent on these decisions. The urban communities of the games can likewise be wandered uninhibitedly anytime in the game, offering numerous open buildings and minor missions.

Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is a delightful perpetual snowboarding game. There are a lot of unlimited players on Android and iOS, from any semblance of Temple Run to Subway Surfers. The game has 60 levels, with three accomplishments for every level. Finishing these accomplishments is the thing that will keep you snared to the game. Lovely workmanship and a charming soundtrack just add to the game’s allure. Alto’s Adventure is a free game and you should attempt it.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

It’s a hit action-strategy adventure where you meet, welcome, and destruction armies of diverting zombies from the beginning of time, to the furthest limit of days. Hoard a multitude of astonishing plants, supercharge them with Plant Food and devise a definitive arrangement to secure your brain.

Smash Hit

It’s a musically synchronized gameplay where you smash your way through a lovely modern measurement, crushing obstructions, and focuses in your way and encountering the best annihilation material science on phones. You will explore over 50 distinct rooms with 11 diverse realistic styles and practical glass-breaking mechanics in each stage.

Subway Surfers

In “Metro Surfers,” players assume the job of the graffiti-tagging primary hero Jake or one of his numerous companions. They run from the crotchety assessor and his dog through the tram frameworks of celebrated famous cities around the globe while gathering coins and evading approaching trains.

Two Dots

Two Dots is a puzzle game that is allowed to play and cherished by millions.

Travel through dazzling universes, gather wonderful collectibles, and reveal fun new mechanics en route. Solve challenging puzzles by coming to an obvious conclusion and that’s just the beginning. TwoDots will definitely take your brain as its absolutely intellectually testing and immensely captivating.


I bet you will never get bored of these games. These are the best options to play when you have exhausted your cellular data. Go give them a try and you will love them.

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