How to Fix If Fitbit Ionic Not Turning On?

Fitbit has been making wellness trackers for quite a long time, and some of them have been nearly smartwatches. Fitbit procured a few bits of Pebble when it went under a year ago, and it utilized its new building ability to dispatch its first genuine smartwatch.

What is Fitbit Ionic?

It’s a famous smartwatch range from Fitbit. The Fitbit ionic is intended to give you your fitness enormous picture. Housed in a smooth looking wearable is a keen center point that gives training, workouts, tracking, and all the more totally upheld by worked in GPS, multi-sport modes, and smart track automatic exercise recognition.

Fixing Fitbit Ionic When Not Turning On?

Just like other smartwatches Fitbit Ionic also shows some error while using it. Sometimes it just stops working, does not charge or Fitbit ionic won’t turn on at all. So if you too are facing the issues, you can try the below tricks.

Restart It

If your Fitbit ionic won’t turn on or charge, you can try restarting it and see if it’s working. To do so you have to press and hold the back and bottom buttons until you see the logo on the screen.

Charge It

Your Fitbit ionic might not be turned on just because it is not having enough charge in it. In such a case, you first try to charge it again and then turn it on. If it’s not charging you can clear the charging cable port as there might be some dust on the tip of the charger or you can also try charging your device with another charger as maybe there is some fault in the charger itself.

Clear the Charging Port

If you see that even after you change your charger the Fitbit ionic won’t charge, you must check the charging port of the device. It might be possible that the charging port might be showing a problem just because of the just and sweat in its charging port. Just clean and charge it again. You may see that it started charging. If it starts working, then you must make sure that you will clean the charging port every time to avoid this issue.

Change the Clock Face

If your Fitbit ionic won’t turn on even after you charge it completely, try changing the Clock Face. To do so, you have to go to the Fitbit app, tap on the today tab, and the profile picture, then tap the images of your device and click on the clock faces. Now, choose any of the Clock faces and apply it. Now check if your Fitbit ionic is working or not.

Press the Menu

You can also try press and holding the menu icon that is shown on the left side for 10 seconds and you should do it till you see the Fitbit icon displayed on the screen.

Factory Reset It

The factory is a universally accepted method for all the errors. You can use the method with your Fitbit ionic device too. After doing it, you can see it’s turning on or not.

Check the Updates

Many times it happens that after a firmware update the Fitbit ionic won’t turn on or charge properly. Common issues include fast drainage of the battery. If you don’t charge it completely before making any update and it turns off in the mid of the update process, there accrues interruption in a firmware update and you start facing these issues.

Screen Wake Settings

Sometimes you see that your Fitbit Ionic won’t turn on when you turn your wrist. It happens just because of some error in the screen wake settings. You must go to the setting and check the screen wake to check the status. If it is manual, you must change it to auto and if it’s already auto and not turning on, you can try restart or resetting the device.

So this was all about fixing Fitbit Ionic not turning on issues and errors. Hope it will help you in the future.

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