PS4 Pro Won't Turn On

Fixed: PS4 Pro Won’t Turn On

PS4 Pro is the latest version of PlayStation 4. The PS4 has come with some new features like hardware to enable 4k rendering along with VR capabilities. Along with this new feature, the PS4 comes with the latest software and latest features that are available on only new consoles. With the release of Ps4 Pro, the users started reporting errors like PS4 Pro Won’t Turn On. The reason for this error can be many. Below in this article, let’s know the reasons and solutions to fix the error.

Why PS4 Pro Won’t Turn On?

The causes for PS4 Pro not turning on can vary with every case. And it can be divided into two parts, hardware, and software. Here we are mentioning some of the main reasons why the PS4 is not turning on.

  • It might be possible that the PS4 Pro you are using is in an error state. Because of this reason, the console is not getting the power and not turning on. If you go for a power cycle, it might start working properly.
  • The power button is a physical button, and you might take it as a touch-sensitive button. You have to long-press the power button to turn it on.
  • It might be possible that there is some issue with the electrical power in the socket in which you are plugging the console.
  • There are chances that the error is due to dust particles present in the console that might be blocking the fans from starting.
  • The CD might be stuck inside the console, and thus it is jammed and not turning on.

These were some common reasons why the PS4 Pro is not turning on. There are some solutions too that you can try on your own to get rid of the error.

How to Fix PS4 Pro Won’t Turn On?

Above, we discussed the reasons why PS4 is not turning on. Here are some easy solutions that you can try.

Power Cycle Your Console

Power cycle means completely restarting your console. By restarting the console, you can remove the incorrect configuration that might be creating the issue in the console, and it is not turning on. To restart it, you have to unplug the console from all the switches and remove the plug that is plugged into the socket. Wait for few minutes and plug everything back and try turning on the console. It might work for you.

Press the Power Button

There is confusion about the power button of PS4 pro users take it as a touch-sensitive button and don’t press it properly. Try pressing the button properly and make sure you have plugged it into the socket. You may see that the error is now resolved.

Take Out the Disk

The next method that you can try is to take out the disk manually that might stuck inside the console. You can easily eject the CD from the PS4 Pro by just pressing a button. Before doing this, you have to unplug the console from the sockets. You have to put the console upside down and put a screwdriver in the eject hole, and it will release the disk. After the disk is released, you can try turning on the console again.

Check the Power Connection

It might be possible that the socket in which you are plugging the console might not be getting power. Or it might also be possible that the cable is not properly plugged in. you can try plugging the power cable into another socket, and it might turn on.

Blow Air in the Console

In case there are dust particles in the console, and the fan is jammed, the console will not turn on. To solve the problem, you can try blowing air into the console and then try plugging in and turning it on.  It might help you get rid of the issue.

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