What Does Flipkart Assured Mean?

Flipkart, one of the main online commercial centers of India, has as of late propelled ‘Flipkart Assured’ quality identification to improve the general understanding of clients on its grid. The recently propelled administration will likewise empower the organization to put counterfeit/non-veritable items under an exacting scanner. Be that as it may, presently ‘Flipkart Assured’ quality identification administration is accessible just on the chosen scope of items.

What is Flipkart Assured?

Flipkart Assured is a comprehensive client-driven assurance from Flipkart that concentrated on two expectations, quality, and speed. Flipkart Assured items are confirmed, stuffed with care, and dispatched securely. Clients shopping on the Flipkart stage will currently have the option to plainly distinguish qualified items by a ‘Flipkart Assured’ identification.

Is Flipkart Assured Badge Is Given To All Products?

A Flipkart Assured badge isn’t a qualification or a benefit. Nor is it accessible to choose clients or select dealers. The Flipkart Assured identification is concurred by a calculation, created by Flipkart information researchers, which processes key item and vendor measurements alongside rigid quality boundaries. Just select items from Flipkart’s generally trusted and solid merchants fit the bill for an identification. An item is qualified to acquire the Flipkart Assured identification just on the off chance that it passes broad minds vender and item quality just as the accessibility of quicker delivery.

Is There Any Fee To Get Flipkart Assured?

Simply No! Flipkart Assured is a comprehensive and purchaser amicable program that doesn’t separate among clients. This isn’t a club or a membership plan. Clients can profit from these focal points without enlisting for any membership plans.

What are the Benefits of Flipkart Assured?

Clients shopping on the Flipkart stage will see items recognized by a ‘Flipkart Assured’ identification. This identification distinguishes top-notch items that have passed six thorough quality checks. They are pressed to particulars and dispatched securely for fast conveyance. These items are from our successes. Flipkart Assured results of a worth more prominent than ₹500 will be transported totally gratis.

So as to procure a Flipkart Assured identification, an item experiences severe tests for basic quality boundaries. The following are parts of the parameters.

Fast and Free Shipping

Flipkart ships so many lakhs of products within 2-4 days. The shipping from Flipkart is very fast. You will get what you ordered within the given timeline. The shipping is usually chargeable but the good news is that when you but something more than that of Rs 500, the shipping is free for you.

Safe Packaging

With Flipkart Assured, items are packed as per Flipkart’s severe packaging rules, utilizing the most reasonable materials to persevere through the hardest transit. At the point when you get your request, it will be as flawless as it was the point at which it left the stockroom.

Seller Guidelines

There are some Guidelines set by Flipkart which help the product to get all quality standards before reaching your door. The guidelines are followed perfectly to make the product good in quality and get the code of Flipkart assured.

Quality Checks

Flipkart Assured items experience six quality checks at each phase from capacity to bundling. These quality checks guarantee that all clients, independent of where they are shopping from, are served just the highest caliber of items with the most dependable conveyance.

No Cost EMI

All the more as of late, so as to make quality items more reasonable to clients and empower them to satisfy their desires without pausing, Flipkart presented No Cost EMI, a progressive installment model that has seen overpowering reception.

Filter Products

Clients will have the option to filter Flipkart Assured items while shopping on Flipkart. This determination will increment with time as an ever-increasing number of items acquire the identification as they pass the necessary quality and conveyance affirmations. If you are not happy with Flipkart services, you can delete your Flipkart account.

Flipkart Assured in India

Flipkart Assured will change the manner in which India shops by satisfying the desires of online customers with a level of value affirmation more than ever, regarding our duty to making great items accessible and moderate to clients in India. Clients shopping on the Flipkart work area site, portable site, and versatile application will approach item determinations first-class and inside 2-4 days of conveyance time.

Flipkart Assured will change the manner in which clients shop by satisfying the desires of online customers with a level of value confirmation more than ever, respecting our responsibility to making top-notch items accessible and moderate to clients.

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