Working Fix: Gboard Keeps Stopping

Working Fix: Gboard Keeps Stopping

Sometimes after an update applications start showing problems. The same happens with Gboard. In many phones, after a recent update, the Gboard start crashing. This error can result in you in an unusable phone. Many times you get the message that unfortunately, the Gboard has stopped. This makes you quite irritated but doesn’t worry there are some fixes that will help you solve the issue on your own.

What is Gboard?

Gboard is both a first-party and third-party keyboard. You may have it pre-introduced on your Android phone or you can likewise introduce it from the Play Store. Gboard is likewise accessible as a third-party keyboard for iPhone clients (it needs numerous highlights contrasted with the Android form, yet the center experience is the equivalent). In spite of the fact that iPhone clients need to go to the Settings application to empower the keyboard, it merits the push to utilize Gboard.

Why The Gboard Has Stopped Working?

Gboard from Google is a well-known keyboard application for Android and iOS gadgets. All things considered, a few clients have announced the Gboard has quit working mistake when attempting to utilize the Gboard keyboard to type. This mistake can happen because of a bad cache, app glitch, or even issues with the gadget itself. To investigate the mistake, have a go at clearing the store or reinstalling the Gboard application. On the off chance that the issue perseveres, look at some all the more investigating tips recorded in the article underneath.

How To Fix Gboard Keeps Stopping?

There are a lot of solutions that are used by the users to solve the issue, but to select the best and proven among them is quite difficult. To help you out to try the best among them, let’s get to know the tips given below.

Restart Your Phone

Restarting the device works all the time. so you should just tap on the power button of your phone and reboot to restart the device you are facing a problem with. This will somehow solve the issue many times. So you can just give it a try before you move to any other method.

Remove Cache

With the help of caches, your apps respond and work faster but many times when new updates some and the app is full of cache memory, the app starts showing errors. So you have to clear the caches if you want to solve the error.

Uninstall Updates

There are many reasons why you download an update in your apps. You will get new features, many bugs gets fixed, and the security will be increased. But many times the new updates will result in incompatibility problems. This might have happened with you too. So to solve the issue, you have to uninstall the update you have just downloaded in the app.

Force Stop the App

Sometimes the application denies listening to you. So you have to control them. So in such case just closing the apps will not work, you have to force stop the application and you will see that the problem has been resolved.

Reinstall the App

Another fix that you have applied is just uninstalled the app and then again download it to your phone, this just refresh the app and remove the errors automatically. So you just try reinstalling the app and see if the error is resolved or not.

Factory Reset

If none of the above-mentioned tricks worked, the last option that lies with you is to factory reset your device. This is not the most recommended one but you have to do it in the case of an emergency. Before you rest the device, make sure you get a backup.

You can try any of these fixes to solve the crashing issues in Gboard. You can easily try them one by one and see if anyone works for you too.

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