How to Fix Google Maps Not Loading?

How to Fix Google Maps Not Loading?

In this fast pacing world, everything is getting digital. So why not the maps. The days are gone when we used to carry big road maps in their hand whenever they are ready to move for a trip. With the ease of technology now there is no need to ask for directions from local people. All this is possible with the help of Google maps.

What Is Google Maps?

Google Maps is Web-based assistance that gives itemized data about geological locales and destinations around the globe. Notwithstanding ordinary guides, Google Maps offers elevated and satellite perspectives on numerous spots. In certain urban communities, Google Maps offers road sees involving photos taken from vehicles. It offers a course organizer bearing for drivers, bikers, walkers, and users of public transportation who need to go on an outing starting with one explicit area then onto the next. If you want you can also print Google Maps direction very easily.

There is various use of Google maps. Like, you can search for nearby hospitals, restaurants, petrol pumps, hotels. Etc. using the application. All you need is to get the most precise location that is shown with the blue dot. But sometimes you see that the app is not able to find the current position and thus not able to give you the proper results. There might be various reasons for this like a weak GPS signal, outdated application, poor server, and much more.

What Are The Issues For Google Maps Not Working?

You will never be able to navigate in the right direction, in case the GPS is not working properly. We know this is quite a frustrating moment. You might see the following happening with your Google maps.

  • There are chances that the maps keep crashing at the moment you are launching it. Such issues can be seen as sudden closure of the app.
  • Sometimes you may see a blank screen while using Google maps. This is also a common issue.
  • There might be chances that your Google maps are loading at a very low speed. You may see that when you open the app, it take a lot of time to launch and give you the results.
  • Many times the google maps may not show you the right locations. Because of this situation, you can’t take further steps. Let’s now see the solutions to fix the error.

How to Fix Google Maps Not Loading?

In case you see any of the above-given issues with your Google maps, you can try to solve them on your own. Below are some simple fixes that will help you make solutions for Google maps not working.

Reset the GPS

You can first all try resetting the GPS. To rest the GPS, you have to go to the google play store and download an app named GPS status and toolbox. It will help you rest the GPS. Then tap anywhere on the app and get the menu option. From there, you will have to select Manage A-GPS state. And then finally you have to tap on the Reset option. As soon as you are done with the process. You should go back to Manage A-GPS state and then tap on download.

Set Your Network Properly

Next, you must check your WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular data. Having a poor network can be a big reason for goggle maps not working properly.

Clear Cache Data

Sometimes it’s the caches that are making problems. You have to clear the caches in order to solve the problem. Just go to the settings and see the app or application manager option. From there, you have to select maps from the list and just open it. Finally, just select the clear cache option to remove the caches from google maps.

Update Google Maps

Generally, Google maps don’t work properly because it not updated to the recent version. To update it, just open your google play store and see the App list. From there select maps and tap on the update option shown there to upgrade the same to the latest version.

These were the tricks that will help you solve the issue of google Maps not loading or working. Hope the article helped you with what you are looking for.

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