How to Fix Google Maps Not Working on Android?

Technology is fun! Isn’t it? With the help of technology, we are solving our lots of daily problems. We have become powerful and more confident with the help of technologies. It’s all-around terrible when innovation simply isn’t working the manner in which it should.

Google Maps is the most common and very helpful tool that helps us to explore the world without any fear. Before Google Maps, we need to check physical maps to explore unknown areas or locations. But after google map everyone exploring the world on their own.

Every android phone comes with google map by default. With the help of this, you can get an idea or any area or route map as per your convenience. You can check the distance between two locations based on your transportation. Like if you going to visit any location by your own vehicle then you can get an exact route map and get some other closer options to your destination. Google map also provides many views like you can get a 3d view, a satellite view, a map view, etc.

Why Google Maps is Not Working

Google Maps has a built-in navigation feature that provides real-time navigation as well which will guide you about your next move, like you need to take left, or right or traffic condition. But suppose suddenly your google map stops working and you are at the place which you don’t have any idea where to go or not, then it will become more frustrated and can spoil your happy mood.

So, we are here to discuss some effective ways to troubleshoot and fix your google maps problems. There are many reasons because of that your Google Map may not be working properly, that are as follow:

  1. Poor internet/WiFi connection
  2. Mis-calibration
  3. Out of date software

To avoid these types of issues, try a few given fixes to get you your google map app running again.

Update your Google Maps App

If your app is out of date then you may encounter some performance issues. Especially in older phones or apps that haven’t updated for a long time.

I will advise you to always set auto-update apps, to use all apps without any issue, and enjoy upcoming or newly launched features as well. For manual updating your google maps app on your android phone, you need to follow these given steps:

Step 1: Open your google play store

Step 2: Then open Menu by click on three bars that available on the top left area.

Step 3: Then select “My apps & games” option.

Step 4: After open My apps and games you will get the sub-menus like Updates, Installed and Library

Step 5: By default, the updates option will be open, in the list all the app will show that required new update. Here you will get the Google Maps app in the list and click on the Update button and update your app.

Check Your WiFi or Internet Connections

If you are loading google map in real-time then you need some good internet connection. If you are using a cellular connection and that facing some signal problem then there is some unique feature like you can download google map offline, this feature will help you to get the reference of a map without signal.

Calibrate Your Google Map

If you are using google maps on your android phone then you should re-calibrate your app to get more accurate information about your location or destination.

This process can be a bit tedious and requires some dexterity to accomplish. You can, for example, wish to turn on high-accuracy mode.

Make sure location services on your phone is turned on. If it already turned on, You need to scroll down and tap “Google Maps” and select “while using the app” or “Always”.


If none of the above solutions works, then you should uninstall and reinstall google maps, but still you are facing the issue then you should also switch off and restart your mobile.

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