How to Fix Google Pay Not Working?

Google redid and rebranded its versatile and online payment administrations, putting them all under the Google Pay or G Pay umbrella. It is, generally, the organization’s own option in contrast to Apple Pay. You can utilize it for online payments, in-application buys, contactless payments in stores, and in any event, for shared cash sending. So whether you’re perusing for another pair of shoes on the web or purchasing your morning espresso, G Pay can do all the truly difficult work for you.

When you use Google pay app for making various payments, you face some issues and errors that result in Google pay not working error. Generally, you can solve the issue on your own. You can see the various error and their fixes below.

How to Resolve Google Pay Not Working

Many time Google pay show you an error and you feel helpless. But there is nothing to worry about. Below are some error and their solutions that you can use to solve Google pay not working issues.

Could Not Send SMS

Sometimes you see that your google pay is not able to send SMS and this because you are not having enough balance that is needed to link your bank account. To fix the problem you have to recharge your Google pay phone number with a minimum balance of 2 Rupees. The reason is that Google pay charges you 1.50 Rs so have to make sure that you have that much amount. You should also check that number you have entered is correct. If everything is alright then you might be having a network issue.

Could Not Reach the Server

It’s a quite common error which is faces when you start the Google pay app and after entering the PIN. The reason for this is a poor internet connection on your device. You can easily fix this on your own. To start with, you have to check whether the internet services is available on your device. You can try to turn off the internet connection and then on it again. If everything is fine, you can try connecting later. Maybe there is some server error that will be solved on its own.

OTP Not Verified

This is also a common error faced by Google Pay users. Sometimes you see that OTP does not come to your number. So you have to resend it again and again. To solve this you can try switching on and off the airplane mode. You can also check that the location has a proper range and signals to your sim. Make sure that the number linked with the google pay account is not in the second sim slot. If you have it in the second slot, just switch it to the first one. Also, check the data is working well.

Could Not Verify UPI Account

Many times you face error like could not verify UPI account. This happens when you have entered any kind of wrong information while setting up Google pay. In order to fix the problem, you must make sure that you are not entering the same information as you use in PhonePe, Bhim, or Paytm app. Check if you entering the correct mobile number and it is connected with your bank account. And also make sure that you have enough amount of balance in your SIM.

Bank Server Is Not Responding

One more common error that is faced by users of Google pay is that your bank server is not responding. The error arises when Google pay is not able to reach the bank server while you are making any transaction. In such a case, you have to wait for getting it solved on its own. It’s a problem with the bank’s server. If the problem shows for a long time, you can connect with the customer care executive.

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These were some common errors and their fixes on Google pay. You can easily solve the errors on your own.

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