Working Fix: GPS Not Working On Android

We don’t need paper maps anymore. And this is not possible only with the help of GPS. Aside from the trouble of obtaining a high-caliber, definite guide, utilizing a gigantic bit of paper while driving a vehicle can likewise prompt mishaps. Basically, GPS is the more intelligent, more secure, and more successful option yet just when it is working appropriately. GPS has made life such a great amount simpler with the number of uses you can escape following things definitely. In any case, it is very incensing if android GPS not working. Luckily in this article, you will get know what causes your GPS not to work and how you can fix it easily.

Why is GPS Not Working On Android?

By using GPS, you can do a lot of things. You can not only locate your position but you can do many more things like you can locate your pets, prevent car theft and y can also take care of your closed ones by keeping an eye on them and many more things.

But many times you may face problems in GPS like android GPS not working. These problems can be raised due to many reasons like

  • The location might be affecting signals.
  • Many times the phone cover can start showing issues.
  • Sometimes sue to whether the GPS signal can not be found.
  • If your power saver mode is on the GPS can create problems.
  • There might be some issue in the GPS Settings
  • There are chances that the application needs updates.
  • Your phone might not be updated to the latest version.
  • There might be some corrupted that might be showing errors.

How To Resolve GPS Not Working On Android

When you face some problem with your GPS, it can be anything. Maybe your Android GPS not working or it’s showing some wring location. But in both cases, you feel irritated. So don’t worry, below are some solutions that will help you fix the issue of GPS not working on android.

Turn Your GPS Off and On

This is the easiest and the must-try solution. You should toggle off and on your GPS and by doing this it gets a chance to refresh the process. You can just turn off the GPS in your phone and wait for a few seconds. Then gain switch on the GPS and allow it to check for the location again. You can check if the problem has been solved or not.

Turn On and Off Airplane Mode

You can also try toggling airplane mode. Just turn on the airplane in your phone and then wait for a few seconds. After some time, just turn off the airplane mode and check if the GPS is working fine.

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Remove Your Phone Cover

Some of your phone cases can be an obstruction to the GPS signals. With weak signals, GPS cannot work at all or show you the wrong locations. In such a case, you can try removing your phone cover and try searching for the locations, you may see that the problem has been resolved.

Restart Your Phone

You can solve the GPS not working issue by just restarting your android device. By restarting your device, the settings will get refreshed and some of the errors will get fixed on their own. So you should restart your android device and start using the GPS again. You can see that problem is resolved now.

Update the Google Maps Application

Google maps are your device’s vital to exact GPS areas. On the off chance that you have postponed your updates for an extensive timeframe, there is a likelihood that the phone’s maps are obsolete which might be causing the mistakes in recognizing areas precisely. Update your Android gadget’s Google maps to ensure GPS works appropriately.

Clear the Cache

Sometimes the corrupted cache files can result in GPS not working issue. So you should try removing the cache files from the google app. After clearing the cache files, you can see that e problem has been resolved.


These were some solutions to your problem if GPS not working on android. You can try these fixes to get rid of the issue.

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