09 Most Popular Grocery Store Price Comparison Apps

Groceries are something that we need in our daily life and doing shopping for the same is a tiring and time-consuming process. So to save your time and efforts, we have come up with an article that is going to tell you about the best price comparison apps for a grocery store that you should download on your phone not only to save your time but also to save your money as the apps mentioned below also gives you information about the discounts and offers to go on various stores, brands, etc.

Most Popular Grocery Store Price Comparison Apps

You should go through the complete article to get the complete information as to how the products will be compared, ordered, and delivered at your doorstep. Our list includes:-

1. Grocery King Shopping List

If you want to avail of an early bird offer on discounts and deals going on groceries and that too in your area then you must have Grocery King Shopping List on your smartphone as this app informs you about the best deals going on grocery items on the store located nearby to you. It even provides you directions to the store via google map. You can also take pictures of the daily household items to appear on your automatically and this app allows you to keep a check on your expenses as it provides you the facility to scan the barcode on the bills and save them on the app for later use. It also gives you the option to save your loyalty card on the device to know the saving per transaction.

2. Favado Grocery Sales

If you are living in The USA then you should keep this app downloaded on your smartphone. This grocery app has groceries plus pharmacies listed in it. The grocery items are more than 66000 and are available for almost every brand. In addition to this, it also has various medicines and drugs listed on it. This app gives you information about local stores and lets you choose the right one according to the deals and discounts going on weekly or monthly. You can also set your preference for a particular brand or product e.g. If you only want to receive notifications of discount only on Nestle products. This app does not provide home delivery but helps to cut your expenditure by giving you information about various deals and offers.

3. Walmart Grocery

We are very well aware of this grocery store brand and this app should be downloaded by people who have Walmart in their area. It is not a price comparison app, it depicts all the products of daily needs that are sold on Walmart store including their price, and other details like date of manufacturing, expiry date, etc. You can place your order at the store from the app and pick it up in your free time. It will save your lot of time and effort as you don’t have to visit the store and roam around to choose your essentials. All it happens with just a tap of your phone. You can also save the list of items you have ordered for future use as you don’t have to select the utilities again all you have to opt is reorder option.

4. Basket Savings

This grocery app is free to download and automatically updates the grocery stores in your area. The app is simple and easy to use for all the new users. It helps you to compare the price of household items by checking it in different stores and helps you to buy it from the cheapest one. It also provides you timely updates on discounts and offers that are going on various stores so that you can make your purchase in between that period and cut your unnecessary expenditure. Despite having various stores listed, the app does not have the facility of home delivery. The developers are working to allow payment via Samsung Pay and PayPal. You can also set preferences in the app for your favorite stores, or specific notifications like discounts, exchange offers, deals on a particular brand, etc.

5. Instacart

If you are looking for a grocery app that not only allows you to compare prices across different stores but also delivers the utilities at your doorstep then you must have InstaCart installed on your phone. This app helps you to pick the right and cheapest product by comparing it to 150 different stores listed on this grocery app. Some of the popular stores include Whole Foods Market, Publix, Costco, H-E-B, Wegmans, Smart & Final, Safeway, Stater Bros, Petco, CVS, and many more. The app delivers the chosen items at your address in an hour or depending upon the distance of your residence from the store from where you have made the purchase. It allows you to add items on your shopping lists as tags and search them in seconds. It also informs you about the various deals and coupons on a particular brand, product, or category.

6. ShopSavvy – Barcode Scanner

Firstly, I would like to tell you about the unique feature of this app. It helps you to add a product in your wishlist and notifies you when the product is restocked or the price of it goes down. In addition to this unique feature, it helps you to compare prices in online and offline stores. To compare prices of online stores, you must have your location turned on on your device as only then it can showcase the nearby grocery stores. You can make your customized shopping lists and get alerts and notifications regarding the same if there are discounts going on. You can also set up notifications for upcoming sales in online and local stores and also create alerts for downgoing prices. In short, it helps you to simply compare prices in online and offline stores without actually visiting the one.

7. Yroo: Find Daily Deals & Save

This app helps you to make your purchase online or offline without having a doubt in your mind regarding the price as it depicts the price of an item of the last three months which helps you to make your purchasing decision. And just like other apps, it also shows various online and offline stores in your area and the deals going on them. The app has a built-in scanner so that you can match prices right from the store and decide if it’s more profitable to buy this item somewhere else. It will send you notifications regarding the sale going on in your area if you have location turned on your device. Just like the above-mentioned app ShopSavvy, you can add particular items on your wishlist and get the alert when the price of it will get lower.

8. Shopular – Coupons, Savings, Shopping & Deals

As the name is itself suggesting that this grocery app has thousands of coupons and discount codes that will reduce your expenses while making an online purchase of daily utilities. It allows you to compare prices and tells you the best places to shop. It is one of the best apps for comparison or prices and for the discount deals both for online and offline stores. It gives you time to time notifications regarding the trending offers going on. Those who want to save their money and time should keep this app on their phone as it provides various discounts and coupon codes.

9. Shopper Lite Shopping List

It does a lot of work despite giving information regarding the prices and discount deals. It allows you to search for recipes and also share it on your social media accounts – Instagram,  Twitter, or Facebook. You can make customizable shopping lists even if you don’t have an internet connection and can also synchronize it with the accounts of your family members so they can also add products to it. You can look for the product prices by scanning an item’s code or by typing the name of it. The main distinguishing feature of this app is that when you look for a product it gives you detailed information about it regarding calories, gluten, and vegan, etc. The app is free to download but some amount needs to be paid to avail all the features.


Gone are the days when you need to actually visit a store to make a purchase or to pay the money. Download the above-mentioned most popular Grocery Store Price Comparison Apps and buy your daily need items at low prices by availing the discounts and offers timely. You can also pay the amount through any online method. The apps listed above will provide you complete information regarding the comparison of prices, discounts and will also deliver the products at your concerned in the minimum time possible.

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