What Does Hourglass Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat is a mobile application for Android and iOS gadgets. It’s going by co-founder Evan Spiegel. One of the central ideas of the application is that any image or video or message you send, of course, is made accessible to the beneficiary for just a brief timeframe before it gets out of reach. This brief or vaporous, nature of the application was initially intended to energize a more regular progression of cooperation.

How does Snapchat Work?

Snapchat lets you store media in a private stockpiling region. Different highlights incorporate the capacity to include filters and AR-based focal points to snaps and show your live area on a world map. However, the key thing to acknowledge about Snapchat is that it is about moment correspondence through your cell phone. Preceding Snapchat, internet-based life was very working area-based, and it was tied in with aggregating information.

What is Snapchat Hourglass Meaning?

There are various features in Snapchat. It adds new features with every new update. Recently in a new update, Snapchat added hourglass emoji that is not known to everyone. If you too are not aware of this hourglass in Snapchat, let me tell you that it nothing but just an emoji that demotes timer that appears next to friend’s name like all other emojis.

When Hourglass in Snapchat does appear?

The hourglass in Snapchat appears when a snap streak is going to end soon. When the hourglass emoji appear on Snapchat it tells you that you and your friend have not been sharing snaps from the past 24 hours. So it actually helps you lose your snap streak. But case if you lose your snapstreak there is the way you can get back your Snapchat Streak very easily.

If you don’t know about snapstreak, let me tell you that Snap streak is nothing but a fire emoji that get and your friends get when you both keeps on sharing snaps on a regular basis. It’s a type of reward that keeps you motivate to share snaps with each other. But in case you and your friend don’t share any snap within 24 hours, just lose your snapstreak.

How Long Does The Hourglass Last On Snapchat?

On the off chance that you’ve been on a streak with your companion for 10 days, at that point you’ll see the fire emoticon just as the number 10 close to it. The number close to the fire emoticon means how long you’ve been on a Snapstreak. Keeping up a Snapstreak depends on you as well as your companion. In the event that you snap your companion and inside 24 hours that companion doesn’t snap you back, well, at that point you’ve lost your streak. You’ll realize your Snapstreak is going to end when you see an hourglass emoticon close to the companion’s name you are on the streak with. This implies you are now left with four hours to send or get a snap from that specific companion before your progressing streak with them ends. On the off chance that your streak lapses, you won’t see the fire emoticon or its number close to both of your names any longer and you’ll need to begin your streak all once more.

Does The Hourglass Appear On Both Sides?

Snapchat can perceive that you just signed in just before your Snapstreak should end. In those examples, they understand you didn’t see the hourglass with sufficient opportunity and they’ll broaden your clock apiece. Since the two clients consider to be as a Snapstreak is finishing it’s useful in light of the fact that both of you can send the snap and remind the other individual to proceed with the streak. So, indeed, the two companions will see the hourglass simultaneously.

The potential gain to this is that ideally one of you will see it generally rapidly and from that point, you can tell the other individual that the clock showed up and you both better jump on it. A decent methodology is on the off chance that you see the hourglass on your side before your companion, send them a speedy snap with the clock emoticon, and give them the clue to send you a snap immediately.

What To Do If You Lose Your Snapstreak?

A Streak starts when you and a companion send Snaps to one another like clockwork for 3 continuous days. Whenever you’ve done this, a fire icon will show up close to that contact’s name, close by a count of how long the Streak has endured. Losing your Snapstreak is very bothering. So you would attempt to get these Snapstreak back. The guidelines are straightforward. You need to send a Snap to that individual every day. They need to react to your Snap inside 24 hours. Visits don’t tally. If you send snap with memories, it will also not work. Video calls don’t either. Nonetheless, recordings sent through the Snap work do. Furthermore, recollect that this is about people, so sending a Snap to a gathering or adding one to My Story doesn’t add towards a Streak.

How to Get Rid When You See an Hourglass on Snapchat?

If you see an hourglass emoji on your Snapchat near a friend’s name, the very initial step that you must take is to send a snap to your friend immediately. Seeing hourglass on Snapchat is an indication that you are losing snapstreak very soon and you have to send a snap to your friend as soon as possible to avoid losing the snapstreak. So ii you want to get rid of the hourglass emoji, all you need to do is just send a snap to your friend.

Make sure you just not sent a simple text message in order to get rid of hourglass emoji. You have to send a proper snap that will either contain a picture or video.

Snapstreak is just like a trophy you get while using Snapchat regularly and properly. It is just a good way to increase user engagement on Snapchat. By sending snap you just get this reward and make a good relationship with your friends. So hourglass is just a sign that keeps you remind that you won’t lose your reward and send snap immediately to your friends.

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