How To Become An Uber Eats Driver?

Uber Eats is a food conveyance platform that makes getting your favorite food from your preferred nearby cafés as simple as mentioning a ride. The Uber Eats application interfaces you with a wide scope of neighborhood cafés and food, so you can arrange from the full menus of your nearby top choices at whatever point you need. In case you’re as of now an Uber driver and done registration of your car in Uber, you can connect with Uber Eats, as well. This administration is quick and helpful for clients and offers another income stream for drivers.

How Uber Eats Work?

In 2014, Uber propelled their conveyance administration, which was based out of Santa Monica, CA, and known as UberFRESH. The name at that point changed to Uber Eats in 2015. In the event that you speculated that Uber Eats includes Uber and eating, you’re right! It is fundamentally the same as Instacart, Shipt, DoorDash, and Postmates as drivers convey food/staple goods rather than individuals.

Essentially, an eager client can arrange a meal utilizing the Uber Eats iPhone or Android phone application, or the Uber Eats site. At that point, a Uber Eats driver chooses up the taking request and conveys it to the client’s area, ordinarily in about thirty minutes, in spite of the fact that it can take longer because of elements like traffic and how long it takes the restaurant to set up the dinner.

What are the Responsibilities of Uber Eats Driver?

Uber eats drivers do two fundamental things: get food and take it to the client’s home. Contingent upon the city you work in, you’ll either need to walk the request to the client’s front entryway or have them meet you at your vehicle for curbside delivery.

Uber eats drivers need not deal with or convey money. Clients pay by means of credit card and all exchanges happen on the web and through the application. The main special case is tips. Clients here and there tip in real money, however, they additionally have the alternative to tip in the Uber Eats application.

Much of the time, you need a vehicle to drive from the café to the client’s home or office. Uber Eats permits bicycle conveyance and bike conveyance in select urban areas for the most part in consolidated urban territories. What’s more, once in a while, a few drivers even deliver by walking.

How to Become an Uber Eats Driver?

Here is the step by step process to become or apply for Uber Eats driver.

Step 1: The initial step before you can drive for Uber Eats is to decide whether the food conveyance administration is accessible in your city.

Step 2: You additionally need to ensure you can meet both the driver prerequisites and the vehicle requirements.

Step 3: When you realize that you meet the fundamental necessities, you can apply for the gig on

Step 4: You’ll have to make a record and enter some fundamental information, including your name, address, telephone number, and email.

Step 5: You’ll additionally need to show your driver’s permit and give confirmation of vehicle registration and insurance.

Step 6: After you submit all the info, you need to wait for 24-48 hours for the reply. Meanwhile, Uber conducts background verification and procedures for your application.

Step 7: At the point when the procedure is finished, Uber will get in touch with you by means of email. In the event that they acknowledge you, they’ll send you a username and a secret password that you can use to sign in to the application.

Step 8: With your username and password, you can download the application and begin making deliveries.

What are the Driver Requirements?

  • Should complete 19 years of age.
  • Must possess one year of driving experience.
  • Must carry a valid driving license, insurance, vehicle registration.
  • Must clear the Uber Eats background check process.

What are the Vehicle Requirements?

  • The vehicle should not be older than 15 years.
  • It should not be dented or damaged.
  • It should not be a rental vehicle.
  • You must carry the insurance policy registered with your name.


As a delivery driver, you can function so a lot or as meager as you need. In the event that you offer phenomenal support, you can win better than average tips. What’s more, in case you’re as of now a rideshare driver, delivering for Uber Eats is the most ideal approach to enhance your salary.

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