How To Change Name In Pubg Mobile?

Pubg Mobile is considered as a top-ranking battle royale game because of its graphics and timely updates. It is furnished with many customized controls, maps, and features. You are allowed to spectate your teammate or any of your Pubg friend who’s still in the match. One Pubg season lasts for 8 weeks, where you’re issued by 100’s of mission and you tend to complete those missions to improve RP.

Everyone in Pubg belongs to a certain clan. Most certainly, we find the player name starting or ending with the clan name. One can think of changing the name after replacing the existing clan to a new clan. But how do we change it? Here’s the solution.

Change Name In Pubg Mobile

In the year 2017, Pubg didn’t permit anybody to change their names, leaving you stuck with the dumb first name. Fortunately, after some updates, they have issued the Rename Card feature which is the only way of resetting username. Want to know how we can use these cards. Here’s the guide.

Step 1: Log in to your Pubg account and at the bottom-center, you’ll see “Inventory”, just tap on it.

Step 2: Now find and press the crate icon.

Step 3: You’ll see a collection of your earned rewards.

Step 4: Discover the “Rename Card” (if any) and use it.

Step 5: Enter the new unique username and press ok. Your new username will be effective immediately.

Note: You are forbidden to set another username for the next 24 hours.

Rename Cards – How To Get It?

  • Rename cards are not easy to get. You can purchase it for 180 UC, which is equal to $5.
  • The only other way is by getting rewarded.

You will get rewards only after completing missions or regularly participating in crew challenges or by completing clan missions. Try to score as many points as possible. You can redeem a rename card with 300 clan points.

Step 1: Tap on “Clan” near to the inventory.

Step 2: Visit “Clan Shop”.

Step 3: Find the “Rename Card”. It will cost you 300 clan points, tap and redeem it.

The card shown above is locked because I don’t have sufficient clan points. You can see at the top, that I only possess 08 points and 300 points are required to claim it.

You can also retrieve rename cards by using crew points. Want good crew points? Then you must try to survive till the end & kill as many enemies you can. Revive your teammates and take health as many times as you can. Try to aim for more than 200 Crew Points in each match.

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