How To Change Xbox Password?

Almost everyone enjoys playing games either on a mobile phone or a computer. Xbox along with Playstation is one of the most popular gaming consoles utilized by millions of gamers across the globe. They support various high graphics games including Grand Theft Auto V, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and many more. People find it amusing when played with such high resolutions and graphics. Consoles in the Xbox line include Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Like any other console, Xbox is provided with some security measures. You have to create an account there to access all features. Indeed, you have to enter email and password. Since we don’t require to change Xbox password too often but you might need it anytime.

Sometimes, due to unusual activities from intruders, we are required to reset/change the password. But not everyone knows how to do it. So, we’ll try to cover different ways to change or reset the Xbox password.

Change Xbox Password Using Console

Step 1: After turning on your Xbox console, visit here on the Microsoft Edge browser.

Step 2: Now, enter your current credentials and sign in.

Step 3: Click on your profile picture located at the top and click “Edit Profile”.

Step 4: You will be moved to a page where you’ll see “Change Password”. Now, select it.

Step 5:  Confirm your existing password and then enter and re-enter your new strong password. Your new password will be saved.

Reset Xbox Password Using Console

1.  After visiting here, enter your email or your contact number linked to your account and press enter.

2. Afterward, you’ll see “I Forgot My Password“. Just tap on it.

3. Enter the correct CAPTCHA and proceed further.

4. You will receive a certain digit security code on your mail id or on your contact number. Type the exact same code and press enter.

5. You’ll be asked to type a new password. Follow the instructions and save it.

Change Xbox Password Using Computer/Smartphone

Step 1: On your device, move forward to the Microsoft Account login page.

Step 2: Login by entering your current credentials. Find and click on the “Security” tab at the top.

Step 3: Now, select the “Change My Password” button in the password security box.

Step 4: You’ll be asked to enter your current password and twice the new password. Follow the instructions and save it. Your new password will be effective immediately.

Reset Xbox Password Using a Computer or Smartphone

If you somehow forgot your Xbox password, then you can easily reset it within minutes.

1.  On your web browser, visit Microsoft’s recover your account tab.

2. Enter the mail id or phone number, linked to your Xbox account.

3. You’ll get a security code on your respective entered details.

4. Enter the correct code and generate a new password.

Setup Passkey On Xbox

You’re also allowed to set up a passkey so that no outsiders can log in to your console. Here’s how you can set up a passkey.

  1. After powering on your Xbox console, press the Xbox button.
  2. Find the option “System” at the right and click on “Settings”.
  3. Now Scroll down to Account > Sign-in > Security & Passkey.
  4. Select “Change my Passkey” and set up a 6-digit passcode using the Xbox controller.
  5. Once the passkey is set, head to “Change my sign-in & security” preferences and choose “Ask for my passkey”.
  6. Everything’s done. You will be asked this passcode each time, you try to sign in or make digital purchases.


These are the only methods to change/reset your Xbox password. Have a wonderful day.

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