How to Delete a StockX Account On Android or PC?

StockX is an online commercial center and clothing affiliate, fundamentally dealing in sneakers. The Detroit-based organization was established by Dan Gilbert, Josh Luber, Greg Schwartz, and Chris Kaufman in 2015–2016. StockX has in excess of 800 representatives in Downtown Detroit. It is perhaps the best spot to fulfill your requirement for vintage Nikes, awesome Rolexes, or style-forward streetwear. Likewise, you can acquire some earning by selling your products or services on the platform.

The site gives the choice to make or alter account data, list your item on the site, offer on your or others item, and buy the item various other methods. But there are various drawbacks in the products and services provided by StockX that led people to delete the StockX account frequently. However, there is no direct method by which you can delete the StockX account. But if you are facing problems and want no more services and delete the account, you can follow the procedure that we will be discussed below in the article.

Before deleting your StockX account make sure you delete your complete billing information. By doing this StockX will delete all shipping and billing addresses. It will also delete your banking details which will include your credit and debit card information associated will the StockX records. Look, even if you delete your billing information, it doesn’t mean that your StockX account has been deleted. It’s still active and accessible.

To stop your purchasing and selling ability, you must deactivate your account. Still, your account will stay active but, yes, you will longer be able to make any kind of buying transaction from the account. After deactivating your account, if your account doesn’t get deleted on a permanent basis, you can anytime reactivate your account and start making purchase transactions.

Only deleting your account permanently will give you the relaxation that your account has been suspended finally. By doing this your will never recover your account. But this process is somewhat quirky as you will need to connect with StockX support by visiting the contact page.

How To Delete Your StockX Account on PC

As we stated earlier there is no direct method to delete the StockX account, you need to follow some structural procedure as mentioned below.

Step 1: Visit StockX website and sign in to your StockX account on PC.

Step 2:  Now, check the Contact Support link and follow it to see the Contact page.

Step 3: Now, click on create a case and ask them to delete your account permanently.

Step 4: You will need to enter your details like email ID and other required info.

Step 5: Select the account type and choose delete account/billing from there.

Step 6: You will see a description field there, mention there your reason for deleting the account.

How To Delete Your StockX Account on Android Phone

Step 1: Open the StockX app and sign in to your account.

Step 2: Tap on Account and scroll down.

Step 3: Tap on Help from there.

Step 4: Click on the Contact Us button.

Step 5: Now choose Account and then tap on Delete Account/ Billing.

After you contact support and request for deleting your account, you will receive an email with notification that your account has been successfully deleted. If you want to check again, you can directly go to the StockX website or app, and try signing in. If not able to sign in, that means is finally free from the account.

Note: Must keep it in your mind that, after your account gets deleted, you will no longer be able to recreate the account with the same bank details and billing information.

What Happens To Your Data after Account Deletion

After deleting your account, most of your data gets deleted from the website but StockX can retain the data up to six years for improving their services. But after six years, the information will be anonymized and you will never be able to get any data of your account.


So, this is all you need to do know for deleting your StockX account on both PC and phones. I hope, this article helped you find a solution to your query. If you have more to ask, please drop us comments.

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