How to Delete Skype Account On Desktop?

The use of the internet is very common nowadays, and everyone wants hassle-free to communicate with anyone. There are many VoIP services or built in call and video call applications are available in the market, it is hard to defeat Skype in the race. All Apps started calling through their apps, but Skype has its own best features that make it unique from other players.

What is Skype?

Skype is a telecommunication application that allows users to do video chat ad voice call between various devices like computers, mobile, laptop, tablets, and smartwatches over the internet. Users also use Skype as an instant messaging app to send text messages, video messages, any recorded voice or voice message and images in the form of media. Skype also allows you to make video/audio conference calls so you can connect with multiple persons on a single call. You can also mute notifications in Skype while you are busy with some important work.

Skype is available for many devices and can be used on any OS. You can use Skype on your mobile phone as well for easy communication and it required only a decent internet to interrupt free video calls, microphones, and camera access.

As I mentioned earlier you can call over the internet and make you call with Skype to Skype without any cost. It means it’s free and there is no limit you can make a call as long as you want. But if there is a dependency of Skype account in the recipient device as well. Skype also provides the facility to make calls to any mobile device, there is no need for Skype application in the recipient phone. But that required you some credits and without credit, you can only make calls to Skype to Skype.

You can create your account with the help of your mobile number or your email id and verify your account with the help of mobile number and email.  Nowadays many apps are providing built-in calling facility so day by day Skype losing its popularity. Many of you are also serious about security concerns as government surveillance and privacy concerns.

So many of you want to delete your existing Skype account but unable to do why because after Microsoft acquired Skype, it becomes a part of Microsoft and it has made this very difficult or quite confusing in terms of deleting your account, but as you already know nothing is impossible. Yes, you can easily delete your Skype account, you just need to follow these steps:

Delete Skype Account On Your Desktop (Windows/Mac)

Step 1:  Just open your Skype application and find your profile icon in the upper left side, then click on it and select settings (with the gear icon)

Step 2: After clicking on “Settings” it will open the Account and Profile menu.  Click on that sub-menu and navigate to the Close your account (you will find it at the bottom) and click on it.

Step 3: Skype will ask you some information to verify your identity like enter your passwords, verify your account via your email or SMS (that you used at the time creating your account or already linked with the account)

Step 4: After verifying Skype will open some window and allow you to follow their instructions as per your relevancy. You will be closing your entire Microsoft account so there may be a few other accounts you might want to take care of before moving on.

Step 5: In the next windows it will show some checklist to make sure you understand all the consequences of deleting your Microsoft account. You need to review them carefully before selecting anything and will ask the reason for leaving in the form of drop-down if your reason not in the list then you can select “my reason isn’t listed” and click on mark account for closure.

After this Microsoft will provide 60 Days as a grace period and in this duration if you want to use Skype again you can re-active just by login on your Skype account otherwise it will be deleted permanently along with your Microsoft account.


Note: If you are going to delete your Skype account through your account then, unfortunately, the account Deletion process on Skype mobile application is not available right now. We advised you to delete your Skype account only with the help of a desktop or laptop only or you can directly go to your Microsoft account.

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