How to Delete Your Airbnb Account?

Airbnb is an online commercial center that interfaces individuals who need to lease their homes with individuals who are searching for facilities in that region. It presently covers in excess of 81,000 urban communities and 191 nations around the world. The organization’s name originates from “pneumatic bed B&B.”

If you too own an Airbnb account and want to delete the same as you don’t use it anymore, please read the article completely.

How to Deactivate Your Airbnb Account?

Step 1: First of all you need to log in to your Airbnb account.

Step 2: Now, tap on the Account settings icon that you can find in the top right corner.

Step 3: Then, tap on Settings from the option mentioned in the pop-up window.

Step 4: You will be sent to the setting page. Scroll down and click on the link Take care of that now.

Step 5: A new window will be opened on your screen. From there choose the right reason to deactivate your account.

Step 6: Then Tap on Continue.

Step 7: Finally click on Deactivate Account.

This way you have finally deactivated your Airbnb account.

How to Delete Your Airbnb Account?

Deactivation was quite a direct process but to delete your account, you have to contact the Airbnb customer services and place a request to delete your Airbnb account.

Step 1: Please login to your Airbnb account visiting the website.

Step 2: Scroll down the website and tap on the option Help.

Step 3: On the Help, the page scrolls down to see the option Contact Us button.

Step 4: Now, from the contact, us page, choose My Airbnb Account.

Step 5: Now, Choose the Update or Remove Account option.

Step 6: From the next window, choose Delete or Deactivate my account.

Step 7: A pop up will appear. Tap on I still need help.

Step 8: By tapping this, you will finally choose to chat or have a call from the support team of Airbnb.

Following the process, as advised by the support team, you can permanently delete your Airbnb account.

When Your Airbnb Account will be Deleted?

As soon as your request will be received by the support team, they will start working on it. And the complete process will take around 48 hours. After the account deletion, you will be informed by the team via mail.

What if You Deactivate Your Airbnb Account?

  • Your profile will be deleted on Airbnb.
  • After deactivating the account, all your reservations will be canceled.
  • The listing that you have saved, will be deleted.
  • Your reviews on others will be visible.
  • The messages that you have sent will remain visible.
  • Your data can be retained by Airbnb.
  • You can anytime reactivate your account if you want by doing it manually.

Afterward, You Delete Your Airbnb Account?

  • After you delete your account permanently, you will never in the future be able to reactivate it.
  • Your reservations will be canceled.
  • Not all but to some extent, your data will be retained by Airbnb if they need for any legal purposes.

This is the complete info you need to delete or deactivate your Airbnb account. Hope you understood it well. If you want to delete or deactivate your account, follow the process mentioned above.

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