How to Enable Amazon Dark Mode

How to Enable Amazon Dark Mode on All Your Apps and Devices?

Dark Mode is coming to telephones, workstations, sites, and even individual applications. In case you’re not previously exploiting it, you must try it across all the applications and gadgets you use. The dark mode is both simpler on your eyes and simpler on your gadget’s battery life. The more obscure tones are additionally unwinding for your eyes to take in, particularly in low light, and don’t draw as much force as more brilliant tones. Only one out of every odd application has a Dark mode highlight, while some follow the setting of the working framework they’re introduced on.if you want more detail about How to Enable Amazon Dark Mode? check below.

If we talk about the most used online shopping platform, the name that comes in our mind is Amazon. There are no limitations on items that you can buy from the Amazon e-commerce platform. You can just buy anything that you want in your daily routine. You can buy anything, maybe it’s your clothing or electronic devices. You can easily access the platform from your smartphones as well as from your PC.

Can You Enable Amazon Dark Mode?

As everyone is now looking for dark mode in almost every app, amazon is also one of them. In many popular apps like WhatsApp, Gmail, Reddit, Instagram, the dark theme is built-in, but in amazon, the dark theme is not released yet. You might be quite surprised to know that not all e-commerce websites is having dark mode yet. You will be not happy to hear that on your smartphone there is no way that you can enable dark mode for Amazon App. The built-in dark mode in your device will not affect the amazon app at any cost. But yes, surprisingly there are some easy tricks that will help you enable amazon dark mode on your computers.

How to Enable Amazon Dark Mode on PCs?

You have got lucky that you can force dark mode on the web browser you are using. You can do this with the help of a dark theme or extensions. When you look for it, you will see a lot of dark mode extensions in google chrome. Let’s know the process to enable amazon dark mode on your PCs.

process to enable amazon dark mode on your PCs

  • First of all, you have to open the Google Chrome browser on your PC.
  • Then you have to go to the Google webs store and look for the Dark Reader extension for your google chrome. It is the best and most downloaded dark theme extension for your browser.
  • You have to tap on the option add to chrome and install the extension on your chrome browser.
  • After you see that the installation process is completed, you will see that the tab of your browser will appear in a dark theme.
  • Now you have to visit and you will see that the website will appear in a dark theme.
  • If you want to come out of the dark mode, you will have to tap on the dark reader extension and toggle off the extension.

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With a dark reader extension, you can customize the intensity of the dark theme on your browser. You can easily customize the darkness, brightness, contrast, sepia, and grayscale. You will also be able to select the particular sites that you want to see in dark mode.

Note: in case you are using Firefox instead of Google Chrome, there is no need to install any extension. You have to just go to the customize option and then select themes from the bottom of the screen. From there, you will choose the dark option.


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