How to Find If You Are Blocked By Someone on Android?

Blocking someone on your android phone is quite easy but when we talk about finding out whether you are blocked by someone, then it may seem somewhat difficult. Blocking feature on android phones are really useful. You can easily block anyone from whom you don’t want to receive any call or message.

Find If You Are Blocked By Someone On Android?

There might be few people around you who don’t want to get connected with you or find your calls irritating, so they block you. But how to know if the person you suspect is the one who blocked you? This question can have multiple solutions but all of them are a bit tricky. In this article, I am listing them one by one with complete procedure that will surely help you know that if someone blocked you or not. So let’s start with the tricks here.

Call Them

This is the most used method to know whether you are blocked by someone. To start the process just take your phone and call the person you suspect to block your number on their phone. During the call, you must check the ringing duration. Normally a phone ring goes to 5-15 rings. But if someone has blocked you the phone will ring once or will not ring at all and you will hear the default voice mails. Try this calling process a few more times and see if your every call is diverted to the voice mail after once or no ring. This is a strong indicator that you are blocked by that person.

But you can’t take it as a 100% proof as this can happen if the attendee has switched off his/her phone or there might be some issues in the mobile network. To become sure about the situation, you must try more methods that are listed below.

WhatsApp Message

There are chances that the contact you are suspecting to block you, is also using WhatsApp. In that case, you can easily send them a WhatsApp message. After you send the message just try to check the checkmarks that shows the delivery of the message. Usually, when you send the message it shows one checkmark and when it’s delivered it shows double-check. And finally when it’s read by the person, it turns blue.

So if the message shows only one checkmark for a long time, there are pretty many chances that you have blocked the person on WhatsApp and this is good proof that you are also blocked on their phones. I know that quite disappointing to be blocked by someone in your contact list.

Caller ID

The next one that you can try is using your caller ID. In your call setting, you can switch off your caller ID. Then, with the hidden caller ID make a call to the same person and see what happens. In such a case if the phone rings normally without redirecting to the voicemail, you can get the idea for sure you are blocked.

Other Number

You can also check by calling the person form a different number. You can use your family or friend’s phone to do this. If it rings normally without getting redirected or if the person receives the call, it confirms that your number is blocked on his/her phone.

Other Messaging Apps

If you don’t find the contact on WhatsApp, there are chances that you can get into contact with other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more. Message them by using any of these social apps. If they don’t respond to you there also, it is quite sure that they have actually blocked you.

Remove the Contact

One more method that you can try is removing that contact from your list. Just delete the contact from your list and save the number again as a new contact. This will help you know if he/she blocked you. After saving the number again in your list, you should go through the all Contacts list, and in the search bar type the name of your contact. If it appears as a Suggested Contact, you are not blocked. And if the number doesn’t appear, it means they have blocked you, this is somewhat a final method that you can use to get surety.

So here we have come to an end of the list of methods you can use to find out whether you are blocked or not. Hope, you got the points correctly. So if you are in a dilemma and want to find out if you are blocked by someone, you can try these tricks to reach the final decision. Wish you all the best.

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