How To Fix Firestick Won’t Turn On?

How To Fix Firestick Won’t Turn On?

How To Fix Firestick won’t Turn on?  In this blog, you will get complete detail about how to fix firestick won’t turn on. Amazon Fire TV stick is a media streaming gadget that allows you to transfer video, introduce applications, play music, and so forth on your television. It’s based on the Android platform and it changes your typical television over to a brilliant television. You can introduce android applications on the gadget and mess around and appreciate music as well. It’s an HDMI stick and all you require is an HDMI port on your TV and you’re all set.

But what if your amazon Firestick won’t turn on. There might be a lot of reasons that are showing this kind of issue. If you too are facing the issue, you must be fortunate that here are some troubleshooting ways that will help you solve the issue.

What Are the Ways To Fix Firestick Won’t Turn On?

If your Firestick won’t turn on, it might be because of a number of reasons. There are many proven ways by which you can easily solve the issue on your own. Let’s know them one by one.

Set Up the Firestick

First of all, you have to check if the Firestick is set up properly or not. It might be possible that the wires might not be connected properly or there might be some loose connection. In case you see that your device is not responding at all, you can use a different HDMI port on your TV. You should also make sure that your Firestick is powered accurately. It should be connected to a wall outlet or a power strip. Check if you are using an original power adapter.

Restart the Firestick

You can solve the problem you are facing by restarting the Firestick. You have to go to the settings and then tap on my fire TV. Then, you have to tap on the restart option and you have to confirm when you see a prompt message. Restarting your Firestick is the best option as it will shut down all the software completely and then restart.

You can also try pulling up the plug. Just remove and plugin again the power supply as it will force a reboot. But you should avoid the option in case your device is in the update process.

See the Network Connection

Sometimes, you face the issue because the network connection is not proper. In such a case, you should also check your network connection. You have to go to the settings and then tap on the network. Then you have to check your Wi-Fi connection. You should also check the signal strength. If the signal is not proper, you will face an issue in Firestick starting up.

Install Required Updates

The issue might be a result of some kinds of bugs. There are chances of bugs in the software that might be affecting the performance of your Firestick. To get rid of this, you should make sure that your Firestick is up to date. It is recommended that you should keep the Fire TV Stick plugged in and connected all the time. If you do so, the updates are completed in the background. Updates in the device should happen automatically. If you want to complete the update process manually, you have to go to the settings. There you have to look for my fire TV and then tap on about option. In the about section, you will need to tap on the check for updates option. This way you can update the device.

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Reset the Firestick Apps

If none of the above-mentioned fix works, you should try resetting the apps in Firestick. In the settings menu, you have to tap on the applications option. There you have to choose the application and then tap on clear cache. This will delete all the temporary files and data that can cause problems for you.

These were some fixes that will help you solve the issue if your Firestick won’t turn on.


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