How To Fix If Your iWatch is Not Pairing?

Apple always keeps your excitement at peak when it comes to their innovative technology and Devices. Apple Watch has also made its place in the market and is one of the best selling products designed by apple. You will be notified on your Watch without unlocking your phone every time you get a notification. But sometimes connecting iPhone with Watch creates a problem due to some technical errors and you are unable to use the functionalities provided by Apple Watch. So Grab your Devices and Get Started as we are here with some simple methods to resolve this problem.

What To Do When Apple Watch Won’t Pair

Follow these easy steps when your iwatch won’t pair.

Verify Status Through Control Center

First, start from the basic methods to find out any error while pairing up with iPhone.Open the control center on your Apple watch and verify pairing is not done yet. to open the control center, touch the back of the watch for a few seconds. you will see a line at the bottom of the screen. swipe up and the control center will be displayed.

if your device is not paired with the watch, it will show either a red Cross or a red rectangle with a slash through your device name. The successful connection will be represented with a green rectangle. check if it is connected or not and proceed accordingly.

Re-establish the Connection

Sometimes you follow the entire set up routine correctly but still fail to establish a connection between your iPhone and the Apple Watch.  In such a case Reestablishing the connection between two might work.

  • First, place your iPhone and Watch next to each other. Distance may cause a weak connection and interrupt the pairing process
  • Slide up the control center screen on your iPhone
  • Turn Airplane mode OFF in case it’s On and Also Turn Bluetooth ON

Now give the pairing process a fresh start and try to connect iPhone with Apple Watch

Disconnect and Pair Them Again

Make sure both your iPhone is running the latest version of iOS and is compatible with Apple watch generation.

  • Turn On Bluetooth on your iPhone
  • Start the Apple watch and set up using iPhone
  • if “use your iPhone to set up Apple watch” option does not appear, open Apple Watch app on iPhone
  • Tap ‘Start pairing’ and after a successful connection, a message for devices paired will pop up on the screen.

Soft Reset your iPhone and Watch Before Pairing

Before starting with the pairing process first, restart your iPhone and Apple watch so that devices can sync up.

Restart your iPhone

For Generation X or Later:

  • Press and hold the Lock Button and keep pressing Volume Up or Volume Down key at the same time.
  • To switch off your iPhone, slide “Slide to power off” icon with your finger from left to right
  • To Restart, long-press the lock button until Apple Logo appears on the screen

For Older versions:

  • Press and hold the Lock button located either on the top or right side of your iPhone.
  • Slide to power off” will appears on the screen. Slide and switch off the phone.
  • Restart by long-pressing the Lock button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Restart your Watch

  • Press and Hold the side lock button on the watch until  “Slide to power off” appears on the screen.
  • Drag the slider from left to right and switch off the Watch.
  • Now, Before Restarting your Watch wait for a few seconds and once again Press and Hold the side lock button on the watch until  “Apple Logo” appears on the screen.

once both the devices are restarted, start the pairing process again and establish the connection between them.

Factory Reset Your iWatch and Pair Them Again

Still no connection? Unpair the devices and then try pairing them again. For this

  • Open Settings on your Apple Watch and Go to General
  • Scroll down to Reset and Tap “Erase All Contents and Settings
  • On your iPhone, Open Apple Watch App. Tap “My Watch
  • Open the settings for your watch and tap the icon on the upper right corner
  • Tap the “Unpair Apple Watch” option and confirm.

Now connect these two devices again from scratch.


If you still need help with the pairing contact Apple support and go for expert advice to resolve any major technical issue.

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