How To Fix iPhone Won’t Download Apps?

How To Fix iPhone Won’t Download Apps?

Apps play a very important part of your phone and when you are not able to download apps on your phone, it’s quite frustrating. It’s a common issue on iPhone. If you too are an iPhone user and facing the same issue, you should try some troubleshooting methods to solve the issue. Fixing the problem is not so hard for How To Fix iPhone Wont Download Apps?.

Why iPhone Won’t Download Apps?

The causes why the iPhone is not able to download apps is not easily detectable. The common reasons can be the rules set by the app store or some software bugs. The chances are more that there might be some problem with your Apple ID or iPhone settings. It might also be possible there might not be enough space on your phone, that’s why the iPhone is not able to download the apps. So you should think about freeing up some memory and expand your iPhone memory.

How To Fix iPhone Won’t Download Apps?

There are a lot of ways that will help you fix the iPhone won’t download apps issue. If you see that your iPhone is downloading apps that you want, you should try the below-given fixes.

Restart the iPhone

This is the first and most important method that you should use. By restarting the iPhone, it will get refreshed and in case there is some temporary glitch in the operating system, it will be solved and the problem you are facing that iPhone won’t download apps will get solved.

Download Using WiFi

If you are using a cellular connection like 4G LTE, you may reach a limitation and you won’t be able to download the apps you want. If you are using an Apple iPhone, the size of the apps will be limited to 200 MB. This is to limit the use of too much data on using a single download. If the app you want to download crosses 200 MB, you have to leave cellular data and try to download the apps using WiFi. You will see that your iPhone will now download the apps that you want.

Restart the App Store

There might be some bug in the app store, so you must try to restart the app store. It will clear the bug. You just have to close the app store and wait for a few seconds. Then after some time just open the app store and try downloading the apps you were trying to download before. You will see that the app will start downloading now.

Pause and Restart the Downloading Process

Sometimes you see that app downloading has been started but after some time, the downloading process just slows down or just stops. In such case, you have to pause the downloading process and then start downloading again. This tip works and helps you complete the download.

Look About Your Apple ID Payment Method

On the iPhone, even if you are downloading a free app, you have to connect a payment method using your Apple ID. So, in case you are not having any payment method or in case your card is expired, you will not be able to download apps on your phone. As such, you will also see a pop-up message that will need some verification. If you want to solve the issue, you will need to add a valid payment method.

Sign Out and Sign In to the App Store

If your iPhone won’t download apps, it shows that there is something not okay with your Apple ID. In case, the connection is corrupted between your iPhone and the app store, you should try signing out from the app store and again sign in using the correct credentials. You have to go to iPhone settings and then tap on the iTunes & App Store option. Then you will have to tap on apple ID and then finally tap on the sign-out option. Now wait for a few seconds and then sign in again by taping on the sign-in option and then enter your apple username and password. After doing this, you should try downloading the apps and you will see that the problem has been resolved and the apps can be downloaded now.

Update the iOS

iOS is an operating system for the iPhone and other Apple devices. By updating the operating system, the software bugs are resolved. If your iPhone won’t download apps, the reason can be that there might be some error or bug in the operating system. If you update the iOS, your problem might get resolved.

Set the Date and Time Correctly

Sometimes your downloading process on iPhone is a result of an incorrect date and time on your phone. So you should make your iPhone set the date and time automatically. You have to go to iPhone settings and then tap on the general option. In general tap, you should tap on the date and time option. Then just tap on the option, set it automatically, and turn on the toggle button.

Reset the iPhone Settings

If nothing among the above-given tricks work for you. You should try resetting your iPhone. By resetting your phone, all your settings will be set to default and all the errors in your phone will be removed automatically.

So these were some fixes that you can try to fix iPhone won’t downloading apps issue. You can try them one by one.

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