How To Fix Not Registered On Network On Samsung Galaxy /Android?

How To Fix Not Registered On Network On Samsung Galaxy /Android?

Nowadays many people are getting the error ‘not registered on the network. Many times the reason for the issue might be the network connection problem. And most of the time you see that the messages do not go through. It is said that it is not an Android OS issue. The problem of not registered on the network is usually found in Samsung phones and here you can check How To Fix Not Registered On Network.

Why Not Registered on Network Error on Android Arises?

The problem arises when a user has upgraded their phone to the latest android version. When a person updates the software, the device has an IMEI Number that changes to SN 0000 and with this, it becomes very difficult for a device to detect the network. And this is the reason, you face not registered on network error.

One more reason because of which the error arises is that your mobile might be blacklisted because of some old complaints of lost or stolen using the IMEI number. If this is the reason, you have the only option remaining is that you should report the scam to your local police and this will get back your mobile on track and you will get rid of the problem completely.

How To Fix Not Registered On Network Error?

There are a few fixes that will help you solve the issue you are facing. You should use the solutions and get rid of the problem.

Method 1: Re-insert the Sim Card

Usually, you see the error if you have not placed the sim properly in the sim slot. To fix the issue, you should power off the phone and wait for some time. After a few minutes, you should take out the sim and reposition it to the sim slot correctly. You should restart the phone and connect the device to the network. You must keep patience while trying this method.

Method 2: Select the Network Manually

This the second most used and proven method. You should try selecting the Network manually on your phone. First of all, you have to see the settings in your cellular phone and then to the wireless by tapping the network options. After that, you have to tap on the mobile network and network operators option. By doing this the mobile will start searching the networks that are available. Once you will see the list of available networks, you can choose your network and you will see that your mobile device will get connected to the network and the problem will be solved.

Method 3: Check for Software Update

If you are facing not registered on network error then, you must check your device that if there is some software update available. In order to update the mobile device, you have connected your mobile phone to a wireless network. After that, you should see the settings and scroll down to see the list. Now tap the software update option and you will see if there is any update available. Now you have to tap on the option download updates manually. By choosing the option, your mobile device will start downloading the latest software and then install it. You are suggested to have a strong network connection while you are downloading the updates. It’s good to have a good WiFi connection to download the updates. After the updates will install, the phone will reboot automatically. By rebooting many of the software errors will be removed from your mobile device. Then you will try to connect the phone with a network and you will see that the problem has been resolved.

Method 4: Update the APN

Fixing not registered on network issues by this method is also recommended. If you update the access point name (APN) settings for your network, you will be able to get rid of the problem. To update the access point name, you have to see the settings and then tap on the connection option. Then on the connection page, you will need to tap on the mobile networks option. Then tap on the option access point name. Then you will need to tap on the add icon that you will see on the top right corner and you should enter the network’s APN details that are given by your operator. This method will surely solve the issue you are facing.

Method 5: Root the Phone and Install a Patch

In case you have tried all the above-mentioned methods and still facing not registered on network issue, you should try installing a patch that is called the Azira Patch. This method was helpful for many of the users who were facing the same error. To complete the process, you should first reboot your mobile device. Then open the Google play store and search for the buy box application there. Then just install the application on your device. This application is an installing app, and it will help you to run root apps on your android phone. Now you have to install Azira Patch by tapping on the APK files that you have downloaded on your device in the files manager folder. As now the patch is installed on your phone, you should restart the device and you will see that error has been resolved now.

So these were some amazing methods that will solve the not registered on network issue that you are facing on your android phone. Just give these methods a try.

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