How to Fix Pictures Not Sending on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a text and voice messaging application that propelled in 2009. It’s gotten unbelievably famous from that point forward, in no little gratitude to its features and adaptability. As free assistance, WhatsApp takes into consideration messages and approaches both desktop and smartphones. Part of makes this application engaging that it takes a shot at different telephone and PC working frameworks, assisting with informing. It can likewise exploit Wi-Fi and cell information to make one-on-one or group calls.

Texting is decent. Reading is decent. Yet, please, watching and listening is somewhat more fun, at any rate for most of us. WhatsApp lets you share photographs, videos, sound, areas, and contacts with your contacts. But what if you can’t send pictures on WhatsApp, the fun in your texting will be gone, and will become irritated in no time.

Calm Down! If you are facing the same issue, let me tell you that there are some foxes that you can use to solve pictures not sending on the issue on WhatsApp. Let look into the fixes.

Fixing Pictures Not Sending on WhatsApp

Below you will get to know the reasons as well as fixes for pictures not sending problems in WhatsApp. Read them carefully.

Check Internet Connectivity

The most common error in such issues is that there might be some connectivity issues in your internet connection. Check if your mobile data is on in case you are using mobile data or if you are at home and using WiFi, just check if all the connections are proper.

Check Date and Time in Your Phone

Usually such kind of problems arises because of an inappropriate time or date on your phone. Along these lines, first right the time and date on your phone, on the off chance that it isn’t right, and retry to send photographs. If you don’t know the correct time, just select an update date and time with the web from the Settings on your phone.

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No Space on SD Card

It might sound odd to you, yet this likewise messes up sending photographs on WhatsApp. Since at whatever point you sent any document through WhatsApp make a duplicate of it in your phone as a backup. So, if this the case, you should check the storage space on the SD Card and delete some old media in order to make some space for new ones. This will surely solve the problem.

WhatsApp Cache Data

If you see that there is no space problem on the SD card, and still facing issues in sending photos on WhatsApp. So, you must try deleting WhatsApp Cache data from your SD card. You can do it by following the below process.

Step 1: First of all open the settings section on your phone.

Step 2: Now, tap on apps to open the apps you have installed.

Step 3: Search WhatsApp in the installed apps.

Step 4: Select WhatsApp and tap on clear data.

Step 5: You will see two options there, clear all data and clear cache.

Step 6: You will need to tap on clear cache and then confirm it to delete the cache data.

See If WhatsApp Is Allowed To Use Data

Now and then WhatsApp quits working because of consent to get to mobile data gets disable or turned off. So you should enable mobile data usage for WhatsApp.

So, these were the fixes you can use in order to fix pictures not sending issues in WhatsApp.

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