How to Fix Spotify Can't Play This Right Now

How to Fix Spotify Can’t Play This Right Now?

If you love music then there is a chance you love Spotify also. Spotify is the top used music listing app in the world. Spotify provides millions of songs for all categories that you can love to listen to anytime anywhere. check How to Fix Spotify Can’t Play

Spotify provides playback for both free and paid users. You can enjoy millions of songs without any interruptions but sometimes many users face many technical issues, that caused by any reason related to network, internal phone, space issue, phone permissions, app-related issue, etc.

Spotify users have encountered many situations where they can’t play songs in the player and got confused about why your Spotify app or player can’t play this right now. Sometimes you got this for a single song or sometimes for an entire album or all songs are in the playlist.

The most common error message users face is “Spotify can’t play this right now if you have the file on your device then you can import it”.

Spotify Can’t Play Current Song Message

Spotify available for different and can be played on all devices, and also provide many unique features based on it so everyone may encounter different situations while using this.

Some of the common error messages are as follow:

  1. Songs playback fails to start on all the tracks
  2. Songs fail to play from a certain album
  3. Songs playback fails to download local files.
  4. Songs playback fails to download some of the local files.
  5. Songs cannot be played on other external receivers.

As I said earlier all of these depend based on uses and devices. But here I am sharing some unique methods that can help to resolve some of the common errors without any hustles so you can enjoy your uninterrupted music experience.

How to Fix Spotify Can’t Play This Right Now

If your Spotify app cannot play your favorite songs then reasons may vary from device to device. Here I am sharing some solutions that fix your Spotify to fix playing songs without any problem.

Fix 1: Restart your Device

This is a very common but effective method that can help you to fix song playing issues on Spotify. Many users solved this issue by just restarting their devices.

Fix 2: Disable Hardware Acceleration on Spotify

Spotify always turned on hardware acceleration so it can use the audio hardware acceleration feature to optimize songs’ decoding and playback. It helps the app to replace software algorithms to use hardware modules to take full benefits of rapid characteristics inherent in hardware because it is more efficient than software algos.

Fix 3: Delete Spotify Local Files Cache

If you already tried to reopen or restart your app and devices and still facing this error like not able to play our current track then you should delete Spotify local cache. It also a good way to resolve the issue.

Fix 4: Show the Unavailable Playlist or Songs

This is also a very common issue, sometimes we create our own favorite playlist or use any random playlist and download it for offline playback. Many times we delete any particular song from our Spotify database but it will still show in your playlist and you cannot play it. So you need to filter out which songs are not playable. You can find out this feature in your display option and toggle on “Show unavailable songs in the playlist” and it will help you to identify that song easily.

Fix 5: Reinstall Spotify

This is the best and effective method, if none of the given solutions works for you then you can uninstall and re-install your Spotify app. And don’t forget to use the latest update of the app. Keep your app always updated to avoid such kind of issues.

These were some foxes that will help you solve Spotify can’t play this right now. Enjoy music without any interruption.

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