How to Fix Twitch Chat Not Showing?

How to Fix Twitch Chat Not Showing?

Twitch empowers fans to associate with streamers. It permits clients to watch content they’re keen on a platform that supports long-structure, live transmissions. In case your Twitch is not working properly, this can be because of the third-party extensions that are installed in your browser, its cache, proxy settings, and many more. Check the complete solution for How to Fix Twitch Chat Not Showing?

If the Twitch is not connected to the IRC channel, the issue arises. It may happen because of the inference of some of the extensions, low internet connection, and sometimes this is because of the proxy configurations. In many cases, you may see the issue just because you are trying to stream it by connecting Twitch to a restricted network. You can also face the issue due to many other reasons that are explained below.

What Are The Causes That Result In Twitch Chat Now Showing?

Above, we have stated to you the common reason. Here you will understand the error in complete detail. You may face any of the reasons as shown below. So you must know every cause.

Third-Party Extension

The issue of Twitch chat not showing can be a result of the third-party extensions that you have installed in your browser. Extensions like ad blockers can stop many of the scripts from executing because they detect the script as ads and also don’t allow some of the websites to work properly.

Browser Cache

In case your browser cache is corrupted, you will see the twitch chats. As you browse different websites, the browser you are using may store some data that is cache files. If the data gets corrupted, many issues arise, and twitch chat not showing is one of them.

Proxy Settings

If you configure an improper proxy, the issue can arise. When you use proxy settings in Twitch, they apply various constraints, and you may see that the remote host is not resolved. This the issue appears.

Page Scripts

In case the scripts that are used to retrieve the IRC session is not working properly. You may face the issue of twitch chat not showing. This cause can be the common reason because of which such an issue arises.

How to Fix Twitch Chat Not Showing?

There are some good solutions that you can use to solve the twitch chat not showing issue. You may try one by one every method until you see the problem has been resolved. Let’s understand every one of them.

Restart the Internet Connection

Many times, the Twitch chat is not working issue is because of the bad or improper network connection. In such a case, you have to restart your internet connection. And then you have to check if the twitch chats are working or not. Suppose you are using a router for wireless connection. You should restart the router by turning it off and on the power switch. Make sure you wait for some time before turning on the power switch.

Reload the Page

There are chances that if you hard refresh the page, you may see the chats. It works for many users. When you refresh the page, the scripts load again and work properly. Because if the scripts are not working and are stuck, you may face the issue.

Clear the Browser Cache

We have already mentioned above, and you know that some cache in your browser can be the reason for the issue. When you face the issue with twitch chats, you should first clear the caches that are stored in the browser you are using.

Disable Browser Extension

You may also try disabling all the extensions that you are using in your browser. After doing so, you may see that you have got the problem resolved.

Try Incognito Mode

If you still see the Twitch chat not showing the issue, you should try using the Twitch in the incognito window of your browser. As per many users, when you open twitch chats in incognito modes, you may see that the problem has got resolved. When your switch to incognito mode, your browser is without cache or extensions. It may surely help you to see the twitch chat.

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