How To Fix When Your iPhone Won’t Charge?

After using your phone for a long, you plug it in for recharge and go to sleep. When you wake up you see your phone has not changed yet and is not responding as it got switched off. You check the cable and plug it in again. But you see that your iPhone is not charging! This is one of the scariest moments you come through. When you face the problem, it’s not actually a challenge, it’s a crisis. And you have to find an instantaneous solution for this. We use our phone everywhere, like when you are at home, at the office, in the supermarket, on a jog, at a party, everywhere. It’s like a whole day work pit for your phone. And here comes the need of charging the phone.

iPhone is not charging via the lightning port is the most common problem faced by many individuals who use the iPhone.  If you too face the problem, you are quite unlucky but at the same time, you are not alone. If this happens to you that directly means that connection is happening between the cable and the lightning port of your iPhone. And in absence of connection, you can’t charge your phone.

Guide To Fix When iPhone Won’t Charge

The problems are different for all users like some may face there is not at all charging, some say it charges sometime, but not every time they plugin. Many of them face issues like their phone is showing that it’s charging but not actually charging. So basically the problems might be different but one can try same solution for all these issues. So, now let’s just talk about the solutions.

  1. Verify Your Phone is not Charging

The very first step that you must is to make sure that your phone is getting charged or not. To do this just connect your phone to charging slot and see whether you see that charging icon in your phone or not. If you see the lightning bolt in or beside the battery icon that means the phone is charging otherwise you can make sure that it’s not at all charging.

  1. Turn the phone off then on Again

You can try it to solve any of the problem that you face in your phone. This can sometime fix your charging problems too. If your see enough battery in your phone, then please switch it off and then wait for some time. Switch the phone on and plug it in to charge again. See if the problem has resolved and your phone is charging now.

  1. Dot Charge It Wirelessly

In case you are using iPhone versions that supports wireless charging, just try to forget the way for few moments and try charging it using the wires. To begin just remove the phone from the wireless charging case and plug the phone into a power source using the lightning cable you have. Check if your iPhone is charging. If it’s charging then you must be happy that your phone is okay, the problem is within the wireless charging case that you have.

  1. Check the Lightning Port

The next step you can use is checking the phone’s lightning port. You put your phone in your pockets, bags and other place where there are chances that the dirt may get in. So just check the port and try cleaning it carefully. You can use earbud and then after cleaning it plug it in the charging cable and check if it’s charging. Sometimes the problem end here only. If you are lucky you will see the phone charging.

  1. Check Your Cable

There are chances that your charging cable might be broken or damaged. The wires might be bending or become exposed. If you see something like this, you must be pretty sure that problem is in the charging cable and you must get a new one for your phone.

  1. Check the Power Source

You must check the charging source also. If the problem is in the source, your phone will never get charged. To get it confirm you must try charging your phone using a different charging source or adapter.

  1. Take Your Phone to Service Centre

In case none of the methods work, and you get sure that the problem is in your phone itself, you must get your phone checked to the service centre and get it repaired if needed. This is the final that you can give your phone in case the battery is not charging or showing any error in charging.


Hope the above tips helped you in handling the the problem you are facing in your phone while charging it, Try the methods and check whether you need to get your phone repaired from the service center or not.

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