How to Fix When Your iPhone Won’t Turn On?

If quite a stressful situation when you are not able to turn on your iPhone. This situation can occur many times like when you just switch it on in the morning after switching it off at night or you just dropped your phone. The situation can be terrifying as in such cases you can lose your data and have to pay an unbearable cost for maintenance. But before you step up to take your phone to a service center, you have to try a few fixes that are mentioned below. Let’s start by knowing the reason why your iPhone is not turning on.

Reasons Why Your iPhone is Not Turning On

Sometimes you just don’t know what happened to your iPhone and it’s not turning on. In such a case you have to make sure that what can be reasons, here are few.

Battery Failure

The higher chances are there that your battery may have died and you just forgot to charge your phone or switch on the charging source. Or there are chances that your battery is damaged or not charging properly. So, there may be a lot of reasons related to a battery that can result in not charging your phone.

Damaged by Water

Although your phone many are waterproof in some case the water can get damage to your phone. And as a result, your phone may not start.

Internal Damage

In case you have dropped your phone unknowingly and not it’s not turning on, there might be some internal damage to the phone. Try calling the phone if it’s ringing or not as there might be chances that just the display is damaged.

Software Issues

Sometimes your phone just doesn’t start due to some software issues. A number of app and iOS updates can give you such results. Sometimes while updating your operating system the phone gets off and doesn’t respond.

Fixes to Resolve When Your iPhone Won’t Turn On?

There are many users who face such kind of issues with their iPhones, and thus you have experts who have faced the problem and also found many tricks to resolve the problem. Here I am sharing the best among them.

Charge Your Battery

If your battery is the reason that your phone is not turning on then, you can try charging the phone again. Wait for a few minutes and then try switching on your phone and see if it’s working. In case it’s not working you can try a different charger to charge the batteries. Make sure you try it charging by plugging in with a computer too.

Restart Your Phone

If your phone is not turning try if you can restart it. Press and hold the on-off button and wait for a few seconds. You can also try a force restart technique to get over the situation.

Restore to Factory Settings

Sometimes the best way to get rid of any issues in your iPhone, the best solution suggested by the expert is to Reset the phone to factory settings. But before doing so, you must get a backup of your data as via resetting you can lose your data that you save on your phone. To reset to factory setting you have to connect the phone to a computer and open iTunes. Once your phone is in the recovery mode, just click on the device icon in iTunes. Now finally tap on the Restore iPhone button. Take a backup of your data and tap on Restore. Then wait for some moments and you see your phone is as clean as you got it the first day. However, you can restore the data you backed up.

Reset Your Phone

You can also come over with the situation by just resetting your phone. Just tap on the Settings icon and tap on General settings. From the options tap on Reset and then Reset All Settings. This way you remove all the preferences that you made in your phone and setting you have made. But it will never delete the data you saved on your phone.

Use DFU Mode

In many cases, the iPhone doesn’t turn on as it won’t boot up. It happens in the case of jailbreaking or updating the iOS update. In such a case you can try putting your phone in DFU Mode. Plugin your phone with computer and open iTunes. Hold on the power button for few seconds then just leave it. Press and hold the volume up and down button until the screen becomes black. When the screen turns black, you are in DFU mode. Now you can follow the instructions shown on the screen.


There are various methods that you can use if your iPhone is not starting. But even after trying all the methods, you are not able to turn your phone on, just go to the service center get your iPhone checked and if in need complete all the maintenance.

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