How to Fix WiFi Connected But No Internet?

If you have ever experienced no internet access even if there is WiFi connectivity, you are not alone. There are many who face this issue. This is a quite irritating and frustrating moment. Actually we all have encountered the WiFi connected but no internet access error. But we all accept the fact there is no fix for solving the problem. The error usually arises due to changes you make in settings of the operating system or the router. But don’t get too much panic that we have brought you some fixes that will help you in getting the issue resolved. Let’s get to know them below.

Resolve WiFi Connected But No Internet Error

There are various ways you can solve the problem but you have to choose the best for you or you can try all of them one by one. Before moving to fix the problems you must make sure that if the problem is in your device or network. After knowing the exact problem, you can either fix your internet connection or fix the problem in the router or other devices. Let’s start with the fixes.

Check for Physical Damage

First, check if your router is properly connected to the cable or not. You can also pull it out and connect it again. You must also check the wires of the adapter and router. See if there is any physical damage to the route or any of the wires. If you find any damage, you can change the device and get a new one.

Restart the Router

Sometimes when you restart your internet connection, you solve your internet problem quite easily. Make sure, before you restart the Router, you must switch off the power source in which the adapter and router are plugged in.

Update Network Drivers

Open your device manager and explore to Network Adapters and grow it. Right-click on your system and pick Update Driver Software from the alternatives. From the two alternatives that you get, pick Search automatically for updated driver software. The refreshed driver programming for your gadget will be consequently downloaded and introduced to fix the Wi-Fi error.

Reset Your Router

Resetting your router to factory settings will actually make your switch another one with no record or secret key security. The entirety of your systems administration parts will have returned to their unique settings too. Windows will erase and overlook the entirety of your put away Wi-Fi credentials. You have to press the reset button on your switch. This is generally inside a little gap which you have to utilize a pin to get to it.

Check the Wireless Mode

Make use of your router’s IP address by entering it into the URL box and sign in with accreditations. When you’re set, discover Wireless mode under remote settings, the mode ought to be changed. In the event that you are as yet not ready to reconnect, attempt various renditions to reconnect to them.

Flush DNS Cache

DNS reserve is temporary data put away by your gadget’s operating system. In some cases, the information may get debased causing issues while opening a site. So you can Flush DNS cache to fix your problem.

Router Lights

At the point when you turn your switch on, take a gander at the lights. There are 3 lights on the switch that ought to be open. The Internet light should be steady and not glinting. The Wi-Fi pointer light should flicker from the outset and afterward become stable.


These were the fixes that you can make and solve problems related to the WiFi network. All you need is to check the router and cables correctly as usually there arises the problem.

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