How to Fix Xbox One Controller Blinking?

The Xbox One controller is otherwise called the Xbox One remote regulator is the essential game controller for the Xbox One and the fourth era Xbox home computer game consoles, likewise marketed for its utilization in Windows-based PCs, and viable with other working frameworks, for example, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. The regulator keeps up the general format found in the Xbox 360 controller, yet with different changes to its plan, for example, a reconsidered shape, updated basic sticks, shoulder attaches, and triggers, close by new thunder motors inside the triggers to consider directional haptic info.

Why The Xbox One Controller Blinks?

If you see that the Xbox Controller is continuously blinking, it means that the controller is not correctly paired with your system. And when you don’t pair the controller with your Xbox one, you are just wasting it.

Proven Ways to Fix Xbox One Controller Blinking?

Here we will show you some proven methods to troubleshoot the Xbox One controller blinking issue.

Pair the Controller to the Console Wirelessly

If you want that your Xbox One controller stops blinking, you have to pair it with your console. You have to just press down the pair button that you see on your Xbox One console, hold the button on the Xbox One console, and then release the button. And then hold the pair button on the controller. By doing this, the controller will flash more quickly and then starts displaying a continuous light. This way you have successfully paired the Controller to the Console.

Pair the Controller to the Console Using a Micro USB cable

There is also a way to connect your Xbox controller with your console by connecting it using a micro USB cable. This is also a proven way to connect both the device and start the program.

Restart the Controller and Console

If you have tried pairing both the device by all methods and still not getting it solved, you need to switch off your Xbox One console by long-pressing the power button. The wait for some time and switch it on again and try connecting both the devices.

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Check the Controller Batteries

In case you are using a wireless connection, you must check the batteries of the Xbox One controller. Chances are there, the batteries might be showing issues as they are dead. Use new batteries and start the device and try connecting the console with the controller again.

Remove Other Devices

Sometimes the devices that you connect to your PC will also affect the Xbox One controller. If the light is still blinking, you can try removing all the other devices and then try connecting the controller again to the console. In many cases, the trick works.


These were some expert used tricks that will solve the problem of the Xbox one controller blinking. If it’s blinking it’s the sign that both the devices are not connected properly. These methods will help you connect the controller to the console. If still you see that problem is not solving, then there might be some hardware issue and in such a case, you should take your console or controller to the service center.

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