How to Fix Xbox One Controller Not Turning On?

The Microsoft Xbox One framework joins a gaming console with the capacity to watch the TV and movie content just as tune in to music or visit with others by means of Skype. The Xbox One will likewise offer coordinated help for Microsoft’s Kinect, which empowers clients to control games and entertainment content with physical motion or voice commands rather than with a joystick or comparable input gadget, and Xbox LIVE, which makes it workable for clients to play their Xbox One games online with different users. In contrast to its predecessors, the Microsoft Xbox One framework will require a web connection just as a Kinect association and the framework itself will be controlled by the cloud.

Microsoft’s Xbox One will contend in the gaming console field with frameworks like the PlayStation 4 from Sony and the Wii U from Nintendo, just as in the home media market with products like Apple TV and Google TV. If you are a Golf lover then it’s a good idea to play popular golf games on Xbox One and enjoy the gaming environs.

While enjoying your favorite game sometimes you may see that Xbox One controller is not turning on. And it’s quite an irritating situation for you. Usually, the problem that results in Xbox one not turning on will require replacements or some repairs. But before you move in to do so, you can try some fixes to troubleshoot the problem.

Problems That Results In Xbox One Not Turning On

Here you have the most usual problem that is faced by the Xbox one users and they get it resolved on their own.

  • The batteries you are using with Xbox one are damaged or worn out. In such case, the controller will not turn on.
  • The battery contacts might be worn out or there might be some bend. This doesn’t allow batteries to make contact with the controller.
  • It might be possible that the charging cable is failed and it’s not able to charge the controller.
  • The firmware update of the controller might be interrupted and that’s the controller is not turning on.
  • The Xbox controlled might be facing some physical damage, thus preventing it to turn on.

Solution to fix Xbox One Controller Not Turning On?

If you want to solve the Xbox One Controller Not Turning On the issue on your own, you can try the following steps.

Check the Batteries

The very first thing you can do is to check the batteries out. You can open the battery compartment and take out the batteries and check them. Confirm first if you have put them incorrect direction. Or try new ones to check if they are damaged or worn out.

Check the Battery Contact

Sometimes the Battery Contact might get worn out due to pressure. Check it by removing the batteries. If you any bend or damage, just get a screwdriver and bent that back. Sometimes the controller starts working with it.

Check the Charging Cable

As we said earlier that there might be some problem with the charging cable. Check the cable and if you find any damage just get a new one and check if your Xbox controller is working.

Update the Firmware

The Xbox controller depends on the firm to work properly. If there is a problem with the firmware, just get it updated soon the controller will start working.

Contact Customer support

If you see that none of the above methods is working, you must check if there is any physical damage and if you found any just contact the customer support. If your Xbox controller is under warranty, you can get a replacement or it gets repaired easily. After you get it repaired, make sure you change Xbox Password to use it by looking at security measures.


These were the common issues you may find if you are using an Xbox one controller to play games. Hope the above method will be helpful for you in fixing Xbox One Controller Not Turning On issue quite easily. Check them on and try when facing the same issue.

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