How To Fix Xbox One Mic Not Working

How To Fix Xbox One Mic Not Working?

Xbox one has many useful features. Voice chat is one of them. The feature is used most of the time while playing games. Voice chat feature lets the friends to ta with each other and enjoy more. But sometimes you face that Xbox one Mic is not working and all your enjoyments come down as you are no longer able to voice chat with your friends while playing. Check How To Fix Xbox One Mic Not Working

Why Xbox One Mic Not Working?

You can see the mic problem in Xbox as the audio is being distorted, muted, or limited. The audio can only be heard by the teammates. Xbox one game depends upon the voice commands and if the mic is not working, the complete game is stopped. The game will not function properly anymore. The mic might not be working due to some physical damage to the microphone or any software. The problem can also arise if you have chosen any incorrect option from the Xbox live account. It can also be due to some game settings is gone wrong or there might be some problem in the Xbox One system settings. Sometimes the poor internet connection can also be the reason for Xbox one mic not working.

How To Fix Xbox One Mic Not Working?

Below you will get to know some easy solutions that will help you in solving the Xbox microphone issue. Let’s have a look at them.

  • You can try reconnecting the mic. Many times just disconnecting and reconnecting the mic can solve the issue.
  • You should also try to check if your internet speed is good You must have a quality internet connection. You should reconnect your modem or mobile data to refresh the internet services.
  • You should check if the mic is muted. Usually, the game headset comes with a mute feature. If you see a light flashing on the mute option, you can consider the mic is muted. You have to press the button again if you want to unmute the audio.
  • It might be possible that any of your team members have muted you. Many players choose to mute the audio from others to avoid voice chats. So you must check if you are muted by your teammates or not.
  • Sometimes the mic catches the TV volume that is playing around you. So you should turn the volume down to avoid distortion.
  • It might also be possible that the Mic volume is not up to the level. So the voice is not clear to you. You should turn the mic volume up in order to solve the issue.
  • You should also check the mic by using it with the other devices. You can test the mic with your laptop or smartphone and try using some voice chat apps. If it’s working properly, then the problem might be in the Xbox console you have. And if the issue is in the mic, you have to get it replaced or repaired.
  • You should also check the updates on the Xbox controller. The error might be due to the outdated Xbox controller. So, you should check the updates and update the controller by going into the controller settings.
  • You should check the privacy settings. It might be possible that in the privacy settings, the voice chat feature is disabled. So you should go into the privacy settings and enable the voice chat feature.

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These were some best foxes that will help you fix Xbox mic not working issue. Try them one by one till you just solve the issue.



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