How To Fix Xbox One Not Reading Disk?

The Microsoft Xbox One framework consolidates a gaming console with the capacity to sit in front of the TV and film content just as tune in to music or talk with others by means of Skype. The Xbox One will likewise offer incorporated help for Microsoft’s Kinect, which empowers clients to control games and diversion content with physical movement or voice orders rather than with a joystick or comparative info gadget, and Xbox LIVE, which makes it feasible for clients to play their Xbox One games online with different clients.

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Why Xbox One Won’t Read Disk?

There are many reasons for your Xbox one if it’s not reading disk properly. The main reason that happens to be seen many times is that there is a faulty laser. And if you find it out, it has to be replaced.

Let me tell you that objects like gears, screws, and different rollers run the disk drive on the Xbox One. There may be a chance that there might be some damage in any of the parts. As a result, your Xbox will not read any disk.

One common error that can be resulted in Xbox one not reading disk can be there might some dirt or hair particles stuck in the Blu-ray drive.

Solutions to Fix Xbox One Not Reading Disk

If you see that your Xbox one won’t read disk you have to try some trucks on your own to see if it is working properly. Here are some fixes that you may try.

Restart the Device

Restarting a device can be the initial fix of any device if it’s not working. You can restart your Xbox one by simply power off and on and see if it’s working properly and reading a disk. You can also unplug it and plugin back to see if make any changes.

Change the Power Mode and Power Cycle

You can just try changing the power mode and power cycle of the Xbox One. Find out the energy-saving mode and perform a hard power cycle. You can do it by holding down the Xbox button for 10 seconds. After that just restart it. Try inserting the disk again and see if it’s working.

Change the Xbox Position

Sometimes the position of the Xbox results in not reading the disk properly. You need to change its position and let it stable. Then try playing a disk and see if it’s reading the disk or not.

Reset Your Xbox

Resetting the Xbox can be a great method to make it work properly. Just go to settings and tap system, then go to console info & updates and then tap on the option reset console. By resetting the device the corrupt data from the Xbox operating system will be removed. Thus it will start reading the disk.

Try Different Disk

There may be chances that the disc you are playing might be damage, that’s why it’s not getting read by the Xbox drive. You can try inserting any other disk and see if the drive is reading the other disk or not.

Get It Repaired

If none of the solutions mentioned above worked for you, you must take the console and get it repaired from any offline or online service center.


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So, these were all about finding solutions if your Xbox one is not reading the disk. Try then when you face the problem. It will work for sure. In case your Xbox one is not reading the disk, you can try some fixes on your own.

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