How to Fix YouTube Audio Renderer Error?

How to Fix YouTube Audio Renderer Error?

Many times when you open any YouTube video, you see the message ‘Audio renderer error. Please restart your computer’. This is quite common but still frustrating. Many of the users are facing the issue and if you too are facing it, there is a solution to fix it. check now How to Fix YouTube Audio Renderer Error

Proven Methods to Fix YouTube Audio Renderer Error

If you are facing the audio renderer error while loading YouTube, you can fix the issue using the below given proven solutions. Let’s have a look at them.

Restart the Computer

One of the best ideas to solve the Audio renderer problem is rebooting your PC. So you just need to restart your computer. This is just a temporary solution that works many times. If you still see the error again, you can use other methods.

Update the Audio Driver

An outdated audio driver can be the reason for the problem that you are facing. So, you must make sure that the devices you are using are having the latest updates. You can update the audio drivers in two ways. One is manually and the second is automatic. To update the drivers manually you have to the manufacturer’s website and search for the recent driver. While choosing you must make sure that you chose a driver that is totally compatible with your windows version. To perform the update automatically, you can use Drive easy which will recognize your system and suggest the correct driver that you can use with your driver.

Restart the Audio Drivers

Now and then the working framework may involve some unique framework files which may influence your audio device and cause a blunder. Restarting the audio drivers could help discharge the involved framework records and make your sound gadget back to typical. In this manner, you can have a go at restarting the audio device to determine the issue.

Get the Previous Version of Audio Driver

At the point when you meet the mistake, you check your drivers and find they’ve just updated to the most recent rendition. For this situation, you should ensure they are viable with your framework. This is on the grounds that occasionally the most recent variant of gadget driver doesn’t work appropriately on your framework and begins meddling with the PC’s ordinary beginning up the measure. Thus, move back your driver to the past version to get the issue solved.

Audio Troubleshooting

You get a default troubleshooter in windows 10 that will look about and fix commonly arising problems. For different kinds of problems, there are various troubleshooters. So if you are looking for a solution to the audio renderer issue, you will need to run an audio troubleshooter. It will surely solve the issue.

Replug the Audio Playback Devices

There are chances that you have not plugged the playback devices properly. Here you will need to plug the devices again and look if the audio renderer problem got solved or not.

Sample Rate Settings

On the off chance that you have ASIO audio device setting programming and the blunder shows up when your Cubase is opened, you can attempt this strategy. It could be the contention between the Windows audio system and the ASIO driver settings, you could utilize a similar example rate in the two frameworks to fathom the issue.

I hope that these methods will help you solve the YouTube audio renderer issue that you facing. You can try them one by one and solve the issue.



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