How to Go Back In Time on Google Earth?

Google Earth is a browser that gets to satellite and ethereal symbolism, geography, sea bathymetry, and other geographic information over the web to speak to the Earth as a three-dimensional globe. Geobrowsers are then again known as virtual globes or Earth programs. Google additionally alludes to Google Earth as a “geographic program.” Other instances of browsers are NASA’s World Wind, ESRI’s Explorer for ArcGIS, and GeoFusions’ player. Google Earth Pro is accessible to download for the work area used for nothing.

As default settings, you will be able to see things as they are in the present time. But with help of the program’s history, you will be able to see what the map would have looked like at different points in time. However, you will not be able to see every location using the option.

How to Go Back in Time on Google Earth?

To know the historical view of the various places on Google earth, you will have to use a downloadable application version of Google Earth in the place of a mobile app. Below you will see the step by step method for it.

Step 1: First of all, you will need to download the Google Earth pro app.

Step 2: After you download the Google Earth pro app, you will have to install it onto your computer and then just open the app.

Step 3: After that just tap on the search bar that you will see at the top of the left sidebar and look for the location that you want to see. The location can be any city or just a state or country. It can also be just a GPS Coordinates, a street, any address, or just a ZIP or postal code or any place where you want to go.

Step 4: Then just tap on the search option.

Step 5: Then tap on the view option from the menu bar that you see at the top of your screen.

Step 6: After that just tap on the Historical Imagery option.

Step 7: You will see a bar will get open at the top of your 3D viewer. There you can easily scroll back in time. The way you scroll through the time, you will see that the map will change.

This is how you can go back in time on Google Earth. The steps mentioned above will help you.


Google Earth for Web is a program put together form and Google Earth with respect to versatile is an application; both are additionally for nothing out of pocket. Despite the fact that the program based form has specific usability, it doesn’t have the same number of highlights that are useful for instructive exercises. While it is conceivable to stack kml records, to look for areas, and to utilize the Voyager for investigating different areas, there are a few constraints to Earth for Web that don’t exist with the Google Earth Pro work area rendition.

There are various versions of Google earth like Google earth pro, google earth for web, Google earth for mobile, earth engine, and enterprise. You can use these versions of Google earth in order to read and create data in KML using which the students and educators can share data. Google Earth gives search capacities and the capacity to dish, zoom, pivot, and tilt the perspective on the Earth. It likewise offers instruments for making new information and a developing arrangement of layers of information, for example, volcanoes and territory, that dwell on Google’s workers, and can be shown in the view.

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